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  steadyaku47 comment : In the way that guy, that we know as KJ...ex BN Minister and Son in Law of a former Prime the way he "salam" with Syed Saddiq, we [...]

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Hadi and Octoberfest

SINARHARIAN.COM.MY Oktoberfest 2018 tak hormati sensitiviti kaum, agama. Pas membantah sekeras-kerasnya festival arak, Oktoberfest 2018 dengan menyifatkan festival tersebut sebagai tidak menghormati sensitiviti antara kaum dan antara agama. steadyaku47 comment : Hadi tak kan awak begitu [...]

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Hi guys..I am changing to another template to try and iron out the problems we have been having. Service is now back to normal and you will be will able to view our posts, but [...]

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Gang Mamak Azeez Sapu Semua!

Kuasai pegawai tinggi “Geng Mamak” Azeez Rahim sapu semua? Ramai pihak mempersoalkan mengapa Dato’ Hj Abdul Azeez bin Abdul Rahim Ahli Parlimen Baling terlalu banyak memperolehi keistimewaan berbanding MP lain. Mereka mempersoalkan mengapa hanya Dato [...]

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