A is for asshole – There are plenty of them in umno.

B is for bullshit – What umno does all the time.

C is for China – NBF (najib’s best friend). 

D is for Dedak – Let them choke on that!

E is for earliest – that is how soon we want this Idiot out.

F is for F**K.  – I would like them to do that to themselves. 

G is for GE 14  – When the Idiot & BN will die standing. 

H is for Hadi – The other Idiot with a Towel on his Head.

I is for idiot -There are two of them in Seri Perdana.

J is for Jho Low, the Fat Cina who took the Idiot for a ride. 

K is for Kepit : What is being done to the Idiot balls. 

L is for Lawyer Shafee who looked in Saiful’s anus for fame. 

M is for Mahathir and his second coming.

N is for Najib – Idiot Number One.

O is for  1MDB…billions stolen from the rakyat.

P is for PAS  now a Dedak addict.

Q is for Quran – a weapon of choice for Umno and PAS.

R is for Rosmah – Mrs Idiot. Flying Hippo. Big Mama.

S is Sharizat. Looks like a cow, talks like a cow. Is a cow!

T is for Time that is running out for the Idiot.

U is for the University they gave to China.

V is for value…none in BN government.

W is for that corrupt Wak Toyo who became MB Selangor.

X is the rating given to what KP SPRM did in Bali.

Y is for Yuan…the currency dedak is now being paid in.

Z is for Zahid. He thinks he will be PM. We know better.