Is the Sultan of Johor this cheap? That he will give his support to a corrupt umno led BN government for a grovelling apology from Nazri?
Now we see how the puzzle begins to fit. 
The Johor Sultans tells Najib to get Nazri to come to him and apologise and for that he will support BN. 
Nazri goes grovelling to kiss the hand of the Sultan and that Brigadier General son of his. The media is informed of the occasion and they are all there to record His Majesty having his “feel good” moment….and the payoff is the “PANDANGAN IKHLAS SAYA UNTUK RAKYAT JOHOR YANG SAYA SAYANGI” by that son of his. 
But surely the Johor Sultan wants more for his support of Najib? Nudge nudge wink wink…ahem… surely the two of them have negotiated a “package” that confirms that ” I help you, you help me/cash is king” syndrome that ails the so called leaders of our country? 
If truth be told I really do not know of any arrangement made between the two of them…but surely a guy with 300 cars in his garage wants more then a grovelling apology if you want his support in anything? 
End of story.
PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz today sought an audience with the Johor royalty to apologise for his ill-mannered behaviour in 2015 when he warned them to stay out of politics.