In these last few weeks we have been told that cash….lots and lots of cash has been found all over K Hell. In condominiums, in wardrobes, in vaults, in safe…in drawers…in the millions…possibly in the billions. Some smart aleck has also asked why should Muslims put their money in Tabung Haji when their Chairman, that Azeez guy, keeps his money..over RM 500,000 in cash… in his house!!! 

Even Umno is putting in their claim!!!

“The police had seized 72 bags in total, 35 with cash in 26 different currencies amounting to RM114 million during the operation which targetted three units in Kuala Lumpur’s Pavilion Residence, which are linked to the former premier. … Umno seeking the return of what it claims to be election campaign funds which were in the process of being transferred to the new leadership following Najib Abdul Razak’s resignation when the police seized it during an operation on May 18”.

Why is so much cash needed by these people? Are they all taking part in the “Cash is King” contest? 

Talking about Cash…I have this to share with you guys …and if PDRM is still monitoring this blog…with those guys in Bukit Aman.

Dato Seri Hasanah, Tan Sri Zulkifli MKN, Dato Zahari MKN, Dato Abdul Hadi Ketua Perisikan Pertahanan Pengarah Cawangan Khas and Dato Seri Mohd Moktar….all of them at around  2.30am on the 10 of May 2018, participated in the removal of cash money from several location, loaded the money into 3 trucks and transported it to a place still unknown. 

Dato Seri Hasanah is still missing in action !!!