You guys need to understand one thing. There was a time a few years back when this guy had a few good cards up his sleeves he could have used to his advantage  if he was in a card game with Najib Razak…and even then if Najib Razak called his bluff…Sirul will not be able to come up trumps because in reality he is just a common criminal wanting financial gain from a crime he had inadvertently committed. He has zilch/zero/kosong/nothing that would have put the fear of God into anyone in K Hell…what more Najib Razak.

Today he still has nothing and Najib Razak is no longer in any position to play a card game with anyone…..including this guy in Villawood.

Talk of him coming back to K Hell to tell anyone who wants to listen to that “nothing” is greatly exaggerated because as of now…this Pakatan Harapan government has not applied for his extradition and since Pakatan Harapan has not applied for his extradition this Australian Government cannot, will not and has not consider sending him back to K Hell. 

So has Sirul asked to be sent back to K Hell? He might or might not have done so….but as far as I know it…no one in K Hell is bothered to listen or entertain him on this subject matter. His death sentence remains enforceable in K Hell and in as long as that remains, Australia will not send him back.

And Sirul will be a stupid idiot to ask to be sent back to KL. Now whether he is a stupid idiot or not is not for me to say. I have my own thoughts on that but good manners prevents me for saying anything else…you will have to make up your own mind on that. End of story!