KUALA LUMPUR: The organisers of a donation campaign to raise Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s
bail said they had achieved their target of collecting RM500,000.
No lah….there are not giving their thanks to “ALLAH” for the RM500,000.00 collected to pay for Najib’s bail. Najib and Rosmah are having a hard time trying to stifle the laughter they feel coming from their belly as they all contemplate the stupidity of those idiots, bagang and bodoh Melayus in Umno who had donated RM500,000.00 to them. They are donating RM500,000.00 to a man, who, just last week, had cash and  items seized from his premises worth around RM1.1 billion! Do these idiots and Melayu Bangang in Umno  have any idea how much Najib will be spending on his legal team to try to stay out of Bamboo River?

This is just for starters….Najib has talked to these top American lawyers to represent him. There is already USD Nine million in legal fees sitting around Najib Razak in the above picture! And the other things that Najib may want to think about….none of them speak Bahasa and one of the Lawyer is a Jew. Enough said!