The thieves are all Malays….

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The opportunity to steal are with the Malays. The choice to look the other way, close one eye and shut the other while the stealing is being done, also lies with the Malays.  The authorities and the judiciary tasked with punishing these thieves are staffed predominantly by the Malays and these Malays take their “instructions” from, who else, but other Malays. The political will to encourage or discourage the collective will among the Malays to indulge in these destructive and self-inflicted wounds has been with Umno for many decades – and Umno is a Malay political entity. Therein lies the reasons why the thieves are all Malays.

And even today, still these Malays persist in talking like thieves to cover their thieving ways.

It is embarrassing for the Malays to see so many of their own kind, time and time again, fronting up in the media to declare that the thieving that they have been caught doing is through no fault of their own. It is always the fault of others because, so they tell us, they themselves are not thieves. The hundreds of millions in their banks accounts, so they say, is the result of honest hard labour done over many years of toil and sweat. The money in their personal account is the result of a frugal lifestyle and their own savings from the days when they were young. And the many items of much value found in their possessions are gifts from well wishes.

There has to be an awakening among the Malays to make us realise that the sins of our people are now being openly debated not only by the Malays but by other Malaysians. These debates are increasingly gaining momentum in a Malaysia where meritocracy not kleptocracy is the choice of the critical mass that put this Pakatan Harapan government into government. More worrying for us all is the fact that so deeply ingrained is the kleptocratic ways of the previous Umno led Basian Nasional regime, their kleptocratic ways now seems to be the ways of this Pakatan Harapan government.

Already those who are in political power have flexed their executive power to do what Barsian Nasional politicians have done when they were in government. In Pakatan Harapan today, this has started at the very top – with those who are linked directly with Tun Dr Mahathir. Those who have been with Tun Mahathir’s office in the past are making their presence felt. Proposals are being made and feelers sent to State and Federal authorities about their intention to take for themselves, the choicest of business opportunities. I would go so far as to say that Tun’s own children are still looking at “business opportunities” at State and Federal level. Rent seeking, nepotism, “who I know,” “what is my cut” and “ada projek” are still being debated and discussed over teh tarik, in the coffee houses of five-star hotels and where ever the rich and politically connected Malays and non-Malays gather. We are settling back into the ways of dedak and money politics so soon and so easily without missing a heartbeat as parliament starts this week.

What should be of concern to all of us is simply this. Why is it so? Where is the political will within Pakatan Harapan to stop this toxic money culture right from the beginning – and why does it not start from the very top – with Tun Mahathir himself. Every time we change Prime Ministers, those who have financially profited from their access to the previous prime minister will reboot their allegiance to the incoming prime minister failing which they will have to adjust their MO to suit the prevailing powers that be. This period of adjustment is now in progress within Pakatan Harapan and there is no doubt that once settled, it will be back to business as usual….back to the mantra that “cash is king”.

Maybe you may think that after GE14 the power for change lies with the electorates. That may be so but it is a power we get to use only once in every five years. We have seen what a decade of Najib’s rule has done to our nation. Our collective will must now ensure that we will not have to wait another five years to change this Pakatan Harapan government if they fail us and believe you me, they are already failings us in many ways. Failing us not in the manner that they are settling down to do government – for that we will give them all the time that they need. What Pakatan Harapan is failing us is in the manner that Tun Dr Mahathir is, even now, letting the ways of Barisan Nasional dictate the way in which the government under his watch, is being managed. I believe that it is imperative that Tun and his Cabinet put into place an independent authority whose principal function is to enquire into and investigate administrative actions taken by this Pakatan Harapan government Ministries, agencies and local councils at Federal and State levels without further delay. If this is not done immediately we can only conclude that what Tun Mahathir cakan bukan serupa what Tun Mahathir bikin.



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