cakap cakap…Mr Sultan down South.

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There are a few choice words I would like to direct to Mr Sultan down South but I doubt if any of what I say will make him understand what it is that he is doing to himself and to his brother Sultans by the things he does and by the things he says. It is not just hubris that afflicts this Sultan down South…it is more than just hubris. Hubris is when a man has excessive pride and self-confidence leading him to do things that makes himself to be a fool in the eyes of others. This foolish things that I talk about has already been done by that Brigadier General son of his, aka TMJ…and just so that we are clear on this…this TMJ is not a man yet! He still has a lot of growing up to do and we Malays have the right phrase to use on people like the TMJ…budak belum bersunat lagi!!! Still a greenhorn in the world of us adults. As I have said earlier, hubris does  not do enough to tell us who this Mr Sultan is. The Malays, again, has the right words to describe Mr Sultan….bodoh sombong!

Who, in his right mind, even if he has all the money in the world…who would wants to be burden by the horrendous expenses of running a private army? Even if the “ARMY” consists of around a few hundred men….two hundred or so…I am told!  Why have a private army when the real “ARMY” is already in place, better equipped, better trained, and in much larger numbers, who are duty bound to protect Mr Sultan and, the best part….. paid for by the government of the day! Bodoh tak kalau you go and pay for your own army out of your own pocket just so that you can go and boast to any one who will listen to you that you have your own army? Bodoh sombong kan?

Who, in his right mind, will lay claim to having come from an illustrious lineage when there are tyrants, murderers and god knows what else hidden among your own family that has come before you? I can write a whole damm book about these Mr Sultans down South if I am inclined to do but I am not. I decline to do so because there is not one of them that I can write good about…bad things about them I can write plenty of, but good things where got lah? And no Mr Sultan, spending one million ringgit at a supermarket on other people is NOT a good thing to write about.

Does it not indicate a “death wish” for this Mr Sultan to go against Tun Mahathir bearing in mind what Tun Mahathir has done in the past to bring the Sultans to heel and bearing in mind what Mr Sultan has done in the lead up to GE14 to tell his Bangsa Johor and anybody else listening, that they should choose to keep the corrupt, arrogant and dedak infested Najib Razak as prime minister? The fact that his Bangsa Johor and other Malaysian did not listen to what he wanted them to do is lost upon this man. He is, like the proverbial “katak bawah tempurung”….oblivious to the realities around him.

What does he think he is instilling in the people in Johore by harping on that most vague of any defining module….that they are Bangsa Johor! Is there anything that these “Bangsa Johor” can be proud about with their Mr Sultan? A Sultan who has 300 cars, a truck that is worth Aud 1 million, two private jets – one for himself and one for his Brigadier General son…and as we recently know, a Sultan who does not have enough wisdom to understand that his Bangsa Johor has had enough of a dedak infested prime minister? Do you think those two would have enough common sense to just shut the F up? No they do not have the sense…instead of shutting the F up…this Mr Sultan is asking Tun Mahathir to shut the F up!

Let me try to put this in a way that even simpletons can understand. Mr Sultan, the gravy train you were trying to hitch hike your way to a few billion ringgit through those real estate deals you were doing with China has been derailed. Umno is out of power. Najib Razak is no longer Prime Minister. Your real estate deals with China is NOT for Bangsa Johor – those deals was to fill up your own pockets. All deals with China are being scrutinised and reassess to see if these deals will do any good for our country and our people. And you Mr the Chinese will say… will now “die standing” because those real estate deals will or will not go through depending on the what this Pakatan Harapan government will decide. And Mr Sultan, if you have not realized it yet, this Tun Mahathir is the boss of this Pakatan Harapan government. And your Bangsa Johor will think that you deserve to “die standing” because by now they are already seeing you for what you really are…. you too, Mr Sultan, believes that “Cash is King”. By the time Tun Mahathir, and we the people of Malaysia, is done with you, you will understand that there is no Bangsa Johor, you will understand that Cash is not King and  maybe….just maybe…. you and that son of yours will understand that when push comes to shove, the politicians can push you to anywhere they want to push you to. You better hope and pray that they do not push you into the Straits of Johor and leave you there without a life jacket to keep you afloat!


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