The PKR Sandiwara, complete with clowns and jesters will be coming to town soon. The spruikers have already been talking up the coming PKR Sandiwara with their take on what is going to happen. “The president is not going to be challenged….. Azmin Ali will challenged Anwar for the presidency….. No one should rock the boat….. Leave the President alone…. By popular demand the post of Number Two in PKR will be open to all…. Rafizi is going for the number two post!” ….as Seinfeld says yada yada yada!

You want to know what it is like to be in PKR? Two words…Crab mentality!


Nobody in PKR is allowed to rise above the rest. Not even Anwar Ibrahim. Even when Anwar Ibrahim is on the up and up ……he will do something to pull himself down! He did that when he was already DPM under Tun Mahathir and ended up in Jail. Did that when he was the unchallenged leader of the Opposition and tried to get 30 opposition MP’s to defect to his side for him to form a majority government. He failed. And by doing so lost all credibility. And he is doing that again now ever since  he left Sungai Buloh….when he is already the prime minister designate!

You may well tell me that despite everything, Anwar is still the undisputed leader of PKR. Ok lah I will have to agree to that but is not the end game, for him, is to become Prime Minister?  So far he has NOT yet become prime minister! Almost a prime minister yes….but a prime minister? No! Being a designated prime minister is the same as being a designated driver on a night out with your friends. To do your job as the designated driver, you need to stay sober. If you do not, you will endanger the lives of your friends. Anwar is the designated prime minister…he is NOT yet the prime minister. A lot of things can happen before he becomes prime minister. Two weeks in politics is a long time. In Anwar’s case he has to wait a year of two before he becomes prime minister….can jadi or not?

I think not!

All of you who think so much of this Anwar Ibrahim…. I want to ask you this. At what juncture of PKR’s downward spiral towards Armageddon will you  step away from it all and begin to understand that the only thing that matters to Anwar Ibrahim is Anwar Ibrahim?  Anwar Ibrahim has been pardon by the King so that he can come back to the real world and be given another chance to take that much coveted PM’s chair. The PM’s chair that Anwar Ibrahim thinks is his from the time he was made DPM by Mahathir. Now before you talk about his unjust sacking as DPM, before you talk about reformasi and how he has been unjustly tried and convicted of acts and crimes that he said he did not do…..and before you talk about his part in putting together a viable opposition coalition…let us first get one thing out of the way. Think about this… If the King grants a pardon to Sirul….does that mean he did not kill Altantuya?

The talk in PKR is that Rafizi will contest Azmin for the Deputy post. Let us just call a spade a spade. Anwar wants Azmin out. What Anwar wants, Azizah and Nurul also has to want. Istana Segambut has decreed that that is how things is to be…why?

Because Azmin Ali has done well for himself.He became MB despite Anwar Ibrahim’s wanting Azizah to be MB. Even without Anwar Ibrahim as his Economic Advisor in Selangor, Azmin Ali did well….amassing a RM4 billion reserve. Now he is leaving Selangor to go to Federal level. Anwar Ibrahim was not able to put his own choice as Azmin’s replacementi in the MB chair…another plus for Azmin. So that crab mentality again….rather then celebrate that a PKR member has done well at State and Federal level…Anwar wants to cut him down and bring Azmin down to PKR’s level….the “katak bawah tempurung” level.

Let me make a prediction. Anwar Ibrahim will not become prime minister of Malaysia. That man living in Istana Segambut  already has three tilts at the PM’s chair…even Don Quizote did not have that many tilt at the Windmills. So friemds…watch as the PKR comic Sandiwara comes to town. Watch who will propose Anwar Ibrahim to be confirmed as the undisputed leader for life of PKR. Watch how Azizah and Nurrul “are popularly elected”…watch how Rafizi is proposed and then elected as PKR number two…number two after Azizah. And Rafizi…you will never be higher than Azizah or Nurrul or Anwar Ibrahim…..and when your usefulness is over, you will then be shown the door, as many others before you, have been shown the door when Anwar Ibrahim decides that you have become a threat to his family’s position in PKR.

This nation has told all those leaders who thought themselves to be the undisputed leaders of this country because of accident of birth, nepotism or because of some mistaken belief that they are deserving of being leader …the people have told all these people that their time is long past.Today you come to us…we do not go to you. Today meritocracy counts. Today your track record counts. What you did in your previous life counts but more important is what you want to do with your life now! For everyone who seeks to lead…you will be judged by the people. They will decide if what you seek to do is deserved. If it is not…you will NOT be leader. This is the lesson of GE14 – a lesson that has put Tun Mahathir, Mat Sabu, Guan Eng and Azmin Ali in the driving seat of our country’s future. All that Anwar has done is to squander three chances at being PM…and as sure as day will come tomorrow, Anwar will once again squander this “designated” chance to be PM because he is no longer relevant to the times we now live in. It will take more than that pardon to make Anwar Ibrahim prime minister……it is the people who will decide.

So what will happen when the PKR circus/sandiwara does comes to town? For sure, for now, Anwar Ibrahim is the undisputed Ringmaster of this PKR circus/sandiwara and Anwar the ringmaster will have his way…but do not forget one things guys…we will have our say when the next GE is called.

When he was released from Bamboo River what grander entrance can Anwar make (so he thinks!) then to have an audience with the King? Then he tops it up with an audience with the richest and supposedly the most powerful Mr Sultan down South? Surely no mere mortals or even his own family could help him make a grander entrance back into society than that? Complete with private jet sent to take him down South gratis! That is how Anwar chooses to celebrates his return to “respectability” and once and for all, he thinks, put Bamboo River and his past behind him….but does it?

You and I…. we know better. If we have to, we will wait for GE15 to tell Anwar if he is right or he is wrong. The real ringmaster is not Anwar Ibrahim. It is not even Tun Dr Mahathir…in reality it is you and me! And the truth of it all will be heralded with great fanfare…trumpets and drums…when the 15th GE begins…and as I have said…we will be the judge of that!