cakap cakap…Rafizi has 100% support from Johari…wooha!!!

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PETALING JAYA: PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli has confirmed that he will be contesting the post of deputy president in the coming party polls. “Yes I will be contesting the deputy president’s position,” he said.  Meanwhile, Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul said he supported Rafizi’s bid to be the party’s number two. “I give my 100% support to him,” he said. He said it was time for Rafizi to strengthen PKR’s “reformasi” spirit.

PKR is now in the midst of a “syiok sendiri” fest of self congratulations at the results of the GE14 where they had emerged as the party within Pakatan Harapan with the largest number of seats….or as they would prefer to tells us….PKR is the King Maker. PKR is the one who decides who will be what, in Pakatan Harapan. PKR  must be listened to.

What PKR fails to understand is simply this….the people of Malaysia, and the people within Pakatan Harapan, have had enough of PKR and of Anwar Ibrahim. There is just so much pity that they can get out of Malaysians for “the sacrifices that Anwar Ibrahim and his family” has made for Malaysians and Malaysia. They failed to understand that Anwar Ibrahim has been given many opportunities to make PKR into a viable and credible political entity and in the process establish himself as a the man “who would and should be king”.  In all this Anwar Ibrahim has failed. All the reserves of goodwill we have had for this family from Istana Segambut has been used up and no more will be forthcoming until it is earned. The only way Anwar Ibrahim and PKR can earn the goodwill of Malaysians is in how they conduct themselves in the things that now matters to us all.  And in all this,  Anwar Ibrahim and PKR is not doing too well. 

Observe what Anwar Ibrahim has been up to since he is back at the helm of PKR. We are not idiots to not be able to see what is happening as Anwar goes about his not to subtle ways of trying to have things his way. He tried to have his way with the composition of the Malaysian Cabinet…no can do. He tried again to have his men as MB of Selangor to replace the outgoing Azmin Ali…no can do. He has managed to endear himself to the Royals but this does not endear himself to us. In the few months that he has had the reins of PKR firmly in his grasps what else has he done? He has used Rafizi, once one of the most respected and revered young politicians anywhere in Malaysia, to make Pakatan Harapan understand that he, Anwar Ibrahim, is not happy with the composition of the Malaysian Cabinet because PKR has not been adequately “consulted” or should we say adequately “represented” in the key cabinet post. And the pity of it all is that Rafizi allowed himself to be used in that manner. Rafizi should have known better than allowed himself to be used by Anwar Ibrahim…..but maybe for Rafizi, the “rewards” from Anwar Ibrahim will soon be forthcoming if he is elected number two in PKR!

And so it has come to pass….the PKR circus has arrived in town. Every one in PKR will be 100% behind Rafizi’s bid to be deputy president of PKR. Every one means every one that jumps whenever Anwar Ibrahim cracks his whip

Every one does not include those who can think for themselves in PKR. Every one in PKR does not include those who understand that you can take the “Umno” out of many in PKR but eventually you cannot take PKR out of the Umno mentality. …and everyone does not include those who understand what is now happening post GE14. Do not worry about the Chinese in PKR…they can think for themselves….but of course, there are many in PKR that will pander to the wishes of their leader who now resides in Istana Segambut. 

What will it take for Anwar Ibrahim to understand the PKR that he is now building will not have a place in the Malaysia that we now want? That the coming PKR party election is a joke that will have no bearing in what will happen within Pakatan Harapan. And soon, very soon, PKR will be consigned to the same graveyard that Umno has been consigned too…to the place of the living dead where once and for all, Malaysians will soon seal both their fate at the next General Election. 


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