I want to uphold Malay rights also! What is this, Malay rights are being challenged!!

Such rights that I want to uphold:

1) Malay rights to be competitive and be allowed to walk without crutches such as Bumi discount, uni quota etc etc.

2) Malay rights to brag that we aren’t stupid, lazy and entitled through equality for all in all things. No special treatments, no special positions. I want Malays to be able to say, what stupid? What lazy? What entitled? Equal playing field also we can do it lah… what? What?

3) Malay rights to be respected as equals and not be looked down upon because we kept demanding superiority when we really aren’t superior at all. Our bloods are the same color, we breath the same air, we drink the same water, and we eat at the same mamak. We don’t eat pork but that’s our choice so why? Why do we think we are less when the only difference is they eat pork and we don’t.

4) Malay rights to be more English proficient. We are lacking behind because of this and we need to get better. This is a right we should demand of ourselves. We really should change national schools to use English as its main medium.

5) Muslim rights! Heck yeah! Muslim rights to be left alone to practice the religion without someone else telling us what we can and can’t do because really, if we pray, we pray to God, not to anyone of you who’s playing God.

6) More Muslim rights! I want Muslims to be able to say, yeah our religion is awesome because it is really awesome and not just because we say it is awesome and certainly not because we say other religions are less awesome.

7) Islamic rights to be great as is because of its values and not be looked down upon because every day some idiot Muslim have to do something or say something entitled, stupid and stupid and stupid. Those idiot Muslims shouldn’t be a Muslim. They should create their own religion and not make Islam look stupid.

Enough lah, demanding rights when we’ve had the rights for so long but failed to use the rights to better ourselves, so for what? Just want it because it’s a birth right? We were all born naked.