I am sure some of you would have seen what some one has titled “Selangor Report” detailing the ex-Selangor MB’s stash titled Toyol of Selangor. Some one sure went to a lot of trouble and effort putting all that together. I am not going to waste my time posting same on this blog of mine. Suffice for me to quote what an accountant friend made of the whole thing :  “There is no way I can tell whether it is genuine or fake but I seriously doubt anyone would open a bank a/c in India to launder money. Not easy for a non-Indian non-resident to open bank a/c there”…and another comment from another friend “some of the dealings involve cimb bank ….you think Azmin will be so naive being an opposition member then to carry out such transactions?”

I am told that the “Selangor Report” was put out by Rafizi Ramili and will surely see the end of Azmin Ali as a Minister in the Pakatan Harapan government and will surely cause him to lose his place as PKR’s Number Two.

My comment?

I have my views on Rafizi and not much of it is complimentary…BUT…I think you are insulting Rafizi by saying that “Selangor Report” is put out by Rafizi because it looks like an effort by someone who does not have any idea what he is doing. Razfizi, if he wants to, can do better, much better if he had set out to do anything like the “Selangor Report” So go blame someone else!