The Malays today are defined by what they think of themselves. What they think of themselves makes for much negativity, not positivity.

The Malays are not being marginalised by anyone. They are not being oppressed by any other race.  Nor are they at a disadvantage in life, because they are Malays. What you are as a Malay is how you choose to see yourself and how you want to live your life. For sure some Malays do not have the ability to know the right and wrong of what they do. Some Malays do. Some Malays do not have a clue as to the meaning of life and the responsibility and duty that comes with living it. Some Malays do. These are not issues that are unique only to the Malays. These are issues faced by any other human being that lives and breathes in this world that we live in. The differences between each and every one of us is simply a matter of degree and the awareness you have of your surroundings and the issues and things you want to involve ourselves in.

The years under Najib has been traumatic for the Malays. Do not hope that things will change much under Mahathir’s Pakatan Harapan government because ninety (90) per cent of those Malays who were corrupt are still around, entrenched and embedded, in politics and in government. They live and breathe among us all just like you and me. They have not forgotten the “good” times under Najib and Umno.. and these people who have not forgotten the “good” times will not be gone in a decade nor a generation…..and more worrying for us all, they are working vigorously and tirelessly to get back the political clout they once had in order to continue with their thieving ways. They are still in government, still in business and still in politics. They are still in PDRM, still holding posts at all levels in the government departments, still working in the Banks and the other institutions, statutory bodies and government authorities that governs so many facets of our lives ….still there trying to carry on with their toxic corrupt ways.This worries me and yet I understand that nothing much can be done by this Pakatan Harapan government except to try and ‘manage” these bastards and ensure that they no longer have the same “opportunities” to carry on with their corrupt ways as they had when Najib Razak and Barisan Nasional were in power.

Yes, the people we want to be in government are now in government and what they will make of government is a work in progress. Time will tell us the right and wrong of what they do.  The new breed of politicians we want and need, are still lost at sea. There are a few pretenders to the throne who are not shy about beating their chest and proclaiming to all who listen, and even to those who will not…..that they will continue to fight the good fight so that our nation will march on to higher ideals, beget greater leaders who will take our nation to the promised land. Always, it seems, they work for some one else and anything else, but, never for themselves. One of those people who speaks louder than most of what they want to do for the people, for the nation and for the future of this nation of ours is Rafizi Ramli.

IPOH (Bernama): PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli stressed that his decision to contest for the party’s deputy president post has nothing to do with safeguarding his personal interest but to ensure that PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim be appointed as the eighth Prime Minister. Rafizi also said his move to contest for the post was also aimed at curbing clashes and disunity that occurred in the party since Anwar was sent to prison in 2015. “There is a huge difference of opinion in PKR… it can be felt, and party members did say that PKR is breaking up, fighting for power. All this is a continuation from the time when Anwar was sent to jail in 2015,” he said. He said there were two factions in PKR, namely, one group that involved him while the other one was led by PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali. He said the vision brought by his group aimed at total reform while on Mohamed Azmin’s part, their earlier focus was more on maintaining political power in Selangor. – Bernama

Rafizi tells us that there is great disunity in PKR. He tells us that he is fighting to ensure that Anwar will be the eight prime minister after Mahathir. And we now know too that he is fighting to rid PKR of Azmin and his factions who are causing much disunity in PKR.

Really Rafizi?

I, for one, do not want Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister and there are many others who think the same as I do. Rafizi, if you can dig out what happened with NFC then you should know all there is to know about Anwar Ibrahim and his ways. Yes nobody is perfect and in the times that we now live in perfection in any mode is not to be talked off. And yes Anwar has been pardon of all the things that he has done – a clean slate as Anwar himself likes to remind us all over and over again. Well Rafizi, a pardon carries with it an imputation of guilt. If Anwar is not guilty he cannot be pardon. So what really is he guilty off?  Anwar Ibrahim can be depended upon to say the right things when it comes to any issues or any matters – whether it is about his relationship with Mahathir, about his ability and intent to wait and bide his time to be prime minister….or, as we heard recently, even about Rahim Noor recent appointment to oversee matters up north.

BUTTERWORTH (Bernama): PKR president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim says Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be given leeway in determining the best decision on the appointment of former inspector-general of police Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor as the peace facilitator in southern Thailand.  However, he did not deny that the appointment has caused unhappiness among various parties, especially those who could not forget what Abdul Rahim did when he was IGP. “I know some consider this as a personal issue but we need to remember because we are now talking about a former IGP and criminal behaviour (involving him). We also need to know that space should be given to Tun Mahathir as Prime Minister to determine what is best. “In this regard, it is not just about Anwar’s case (the infamous black eye incident while the former deputy prime minister was in detention); on the other hand, lessons can be learnt by others,” he told reporters after officiating the Penang PKR branch general annual meeting here on Sunday (Sept 2). Read more at

You can count on Anwar to say the right things….but can you count on Anwar to do the right thing?

I know these comments of mine will raise the ire of many of those who read what I write, but keeping quite about this very public spate between Azmin and Rafizi is no longer an option I chose to take. Azmin has conducted himself with grace and dignity while Rafizi publicly castigate and tell us all about the evil that Azmin has done to PKR, to Anwar Ibrahim and what he intends to do about it all. How will all this end? Possibly with Anwar confirmed as head of PKR and Rafizi as his deputy but the matter will not end there. This matter will have its Waterloo when the people cast their votes at the next general election. Then, I will have no doubt, that the “bragging rights” that PKR is the largest political faction within the Pakatan Harapan government will be up for us all to decide. Then we will know, and so will Rafizi, that hindsight, humility and how one conducts oneself in defeat and victory, will define what the public will do when called upon to decide on the political fate of that individual. Najib and gang knows about this. MCA, MIC and Gerakan knows about this…and I fear that PKR will also know about this after the next general elections.

Until then, we will have to put up with Rafizi telling us all what he wants to do for Anwar Ibrahim, what he wants to do for PKR, what he wants to do for Malaysia and everyone else.