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What stupidity or madness drove the BN Government and the state government of Johor to allow this monstrosity of a project to be developed in this Southern State?

Was all this driven by the greed of Mr Sultan and those in UMNO?

Common sense will asks just one simple question….who in the right mind will want to “invest” their hard earned money into these so called “luxurious” abodes and live the rest of their lives in Johor? People with money are not stupid. People with money will not want to live in Forest City in Johor. People with money understand that there has been a change in government and that things will change…..and uncertainities of these nature will drive people away from Forest City and from Johor.

At the best, they will wait and see what will happen and at the worst, they will take their money elsewhere to “invest”.

With hindsight, maybe Mr Sultan would have been better of to have kept whatever money he has in the bank. With hindsight maybe that “almost a Brigadier General” son of his should have not have been so generous with his money when he belanja the people of Johor to the tune of a RM One Million Ringgit on grocery shopping trip. ….but since when has Mr Sultan or his son ever had enough common sense to do the right thing? Never!

Whether it is the state money, federal money, OPM’s (other people’s money) or even Mr Sultan’s money….the one holding the baby is really this Mr Sultan and the owners of these dwellings. Lesson learned and “padan muka” !!!