Hang Kasturi : The Malays are floundering…

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Hang Kasturi

Bung, selamat balik ke blog awak. Saya harap awak dan keluarga awak ada baik baik.
Yes, for far too long too many Malays had fed of the teats of UMNO so much so now they are floundering. Hence, they are easily incited by the likes of the Takjadi member from Pasir Salak invoking Malay exceptionalism and protecting the usual suspects of the heritage rulers and Islam. Of course, they are being duped as the real beneficiaries are these corrupt individuals who hide beneath the “ketuanan Melayu.” If the Doctor is not careful, all the good effort to overcome the paralysis of theft and corruption will be lost.
Instead the good Doctor, is hell-bent on trying to institute a third car company. He does not need to look far to realise that Australia after sixty or seventy years of car manufacturing has allowed their car manufacturers to close down and leave their shores. The days of development economics such as coming in at the ground floor through heavy industries like car manufacturing, ship building, petrochemical are over. So many other developing countries have move on to industries like microchips, solar panels, high-tech industries associated with artificial intelligence such as robots, driverless cars, etc.
Instead the Doctor must concentrate on getting to the bottom of the Pastor Koh’s and Amri Cet’s disappearance as time is of an essence here.
As I stressed in various other blogs, the empaneling of an investigation team composed of invited personnel either from or both, of FBI and Scotland Yard to investigate the Altantuya Shaaribuu murder. In this way, we will bring to account the fifteen kidnappers and murderers that are currently loose working in Special Branch in Bukit Aman. From the CCTV footage, the modus operandi of the kidnapping is that of a special squad of either military or “high power” police. These clowns who posed as our guardian of safety are that stupid and dumb, that they carried out their heinous crime in broad daylight because firstly, they are stupid and secondly they are emboldened by the corrupt ridden BN government of the day.
Their stupidities extend to the director of the Criminal Investigation section, one Wan Ahmad Najummudin Mohd., who lost R$1million to the Australian Government for trying to subvert their Financial Transactions Act 1993, by depositing below the threshold of $10,000 in various places. He justified the ill-gotten gains as the proceeds from the sale of his residence for $700,000 to his equally stupid boss, the IGP. Bung, there are still $300,000 shortfall and this is not small change. The three hundred thousand ringgit is again about half the proceeds of the house sale. Even simple arithmetic are beyond this keystone cops.
The amount of money being flushed out in recent days just goes to show we were effectively run by a cabal of thieves right from to May, 1969. They have been robbing and pillaging the country like a bunch of drunken pirates on board the ship known as Malaysia. The other thing the good Doctor must do and do it immediately is to change the notes and larger denominations of the Malaysian ringgit. Do what the Indian government did last year and declare the existing printed notes to be non legal tender after a certain date and you will flushed out the hoarders of these ill-gotten gains.
TIME IS OF AN ESSENCE HERE. Please do not waste any more time and you will be surprised that even the lowly security guards might even have some of the 1MDB cash.


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