Who are these people who do not want Anwar Ibrahim to be Perdana Menteri yang ka Lapan di Malaysia? 

From what I hear of the many stories, discussions and debate around me and from what I read on the social media, there are a few/many/some/a significant number (delete whatever you think is most appropriate) within PKR who do not want Anwar Ibrahim to be Perdana Menteri ka Lapan. The chief culprit among them, so we are told by Rafizi, is Azmin Ali.

I do not know Azmin Ali, so I cannot ask him if what Rafizi says of him is true/false…but I have yet to hear Azmin say anything negative about Anwar Ibrahim or PKR. I have yet to hear Azmin Ali tell us that Anwar Ibrahim does not deserve to be Perdana Menteri ka Lapan of Malaysia. If any of you have anything to the contrary please share it with us so that we will know the truth of what Rafizi has accused Azmin Ali of doing : namely that Azmin Ali does not want Anwar Ibrahim to be Perdana Menteri ka Lapan of our country.

What I have heard Azmin Ali say is “Siapa Rafizi Ramli nak pertikai kesetiaan saya kapada parti?” and he went on to say “Rafizi budak mentah/budak kechil, hentilahlah serang saya”.

From what I see of Azmin Ali and the things that he has done from the time he was Anwar’s personal assistant in those days when Anwar was in Umno/Cabinet/Reformasi days/ and in the days Anwar was in and out of Sungai Buloh/ right through Sodomy one and Two and up to the present when Anwar Ibrahim is the Perdana Menteri ka Lapan designate….all that I see of Azmin Ali is simply this : He is by Anwar Ibrahim’s side through thick and thin….mostly through thin. Azmin Ali has done his national service for PKR and for Anwar Ibrahim. A few years back he did stood against Azizah for the job of Menteri Besar of Selangor. The right or wrong of what Azmin did in this instance is answered by what he achieved as Menteri Besar of Selangor. Would Azizah, or anyone else been able to leave Selangor with a reserve of RM3.95 billion? Maybe it can be argued that someone else can do better but Azmin Ali has left Selangor with a reserve of RM3.95 billion. Done deal !

Selangor’s success under Azmin Ali

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At a time of political turmoil, Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali was tasked with the uphill battle of uniting the Selangor government despite the falling out with PAS and the emergence of two new parties aligned with Pakatan Harapan. Fast forward three years into the future, and Selangor now sits strongly as one of the best-performing states in Malaysia. According to the Auditor-General’s Report 2016, Selangor owes the federal government a meagre sum of RM14.67 million. This is in stark contrast to Pahang, which owes the federal government a sum of RM1.087 billionread more here : https://www.malaysiakini.com/columns/391642 

Maybe Rafizi Ramli should look elsewhere for these people who do not want Anwar Ibrahim to take over from Tun Mahathir. Maybe Rafizi Ramli should ask himself why anybody would not want Anwar Ibrahim to be PM after Tun? Maybe all this hooha by Rafizi is another one of those “wag the dog” situation where he is being mischievous in order to advance his own political agenda within PKR and Pakatan Harapan? Or am I being mischievous by suggesting that Rafizi Ramli’s cakap bukan serupa bikin?

Let me get more real. This Rafizi Ramli is becoming too full of himself. He reminds me of the words I used to describe Shafee…”He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow!” Does Rafizi wakes up in the morning and reminds himself : “Gee…. it is great to be me!” and then goes out into the world to remind everybody else that he is “great?”.  Great or not I know that he is beginning to get on my nerves. Great or not there is just so much of him that we can put up with. If anyone of you doubt that Rafizi is really “great”…just go and ask him. He will tell you that he really is “great”.

Rafizi no one else will tell you this but I will…you are NOT that great! You are not even a good politician for the times that we are now in because today we judge politicians by what they do…not what they say they want to do. Azmin Ali has proven himself by his deeds as MB of Selangor and now he has been given the opportunity to go one level up and do his work at the national level. Think about that Rafizi and ask yourself if you are doing the right thing by trying to cut down Azmin Ali when he has already got the respect and trust of so many of us and that of the present prime minister of Malaysia.

Rafizi reminds me of that Malay proverb “Anjing menyalak di ekor gajah”, Cease and desist before you make a fool of yourself…if you have already not done so.