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steadyaku47 comment : This was forwarded to me via whatsapp just as I was in the midst of penning an article meant to voice the same sentiments. And so I stopped what I was doing and will instead post this article here to share with you guys….my sentiments exactly. Writer unknown.


This is the feed back from the rakyat.👇

First it was ‘Permatang Pauh Move’.
Then it was ‘Kajang Move’.
Now its ‘Port Dickson Move’.
What a mockery – totally preposterous!
We have to teach this family a lesson.
We must make them realise that Malaysia doesn’t belong to them.
This family should not take the rakyat for granted – the voters are not fools!
It was with the relentless effort of the rakyat that the kleptocratic government of BN was removed after 61 years.
This man has no patience. It was the one & only reason he was removed by Dr M in the late 90’s – the rest are story & history.
Fair enough – why can’t his wife Wan Azizah or his daughter Nurul Izzah make way for him?
Isn’t this an act of selfishness?
Why this particular family wants to dominate the party & the parliament?
It was widely felt that if at all there was an urgency for Anwar to become an MP, no other MP should be made a sacrificial lamb, paving the way for his re-entry to the parliament.
Port Dickson MP Danyal Balagopal Abdullah, who is a first time parliamentarian, has been forced to vacate his seat.
At a time when our country is facing an unprecedented financial crisis, is there a need to spend few more millions for a forced by-election?
It is a gross injustice & an utter mockery to Malaysian politics – especially so when 2 of Anwar’s family members are there as MPs.
Wise thinking Malaysian’s should not allow this dominance of party & government by a single family.
If we let Anwar win in Port Dickson, very soon we’ll have a scenario whereby the husband is the PM & the wife, Deputy PM.
Isn’t that a mockery?
If this scenario were to be staged by the Anwar family, then we can safely presume that PH will not last beyond 2023.
Let us all join hands and ensure that Anwar loses in this by-election.
In the GE14, Danyal secured 36,226 votes against the opposition’s(BN & PAS) 25,109 votes.
With a little bit of effort we can ensure that the opposition wins.
Losing just one seat will not make a difference for the ruling government.
Nevertheless the rakyat has to remind these unscrupulous politicians that they are not suppose to be taken for granted.
The National Patriots Association(Patriot) – a strong supporter of PH – has already raised an alarm against this Port Dickson move.
Lets do it.


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