Arshad Got it Wrong?

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Really Admiral? Pak Arshad got it wrong? How so?

Let me, for a start, make a prediction. Not a prediction really more a statement. You will be a Tan Sri if Anwar does get to be PM. And there will be more things to come… you yourself said in minute 1.42 of the above video “We never know what is in line for me!” Well Admiral may I say this, the Prime Minister in waiting must have somehow put that “We never know what is in line for me” idea into your head. He must have promised you the earth. Admiral, you made a wrong choice. Here are the facts Admiral. The reality is simply this. You have lost your credibility and whatever comes after this…the Tan Sri or whatever….you have sold yourself to the devil and you have sold yourself cheaply. With Anwar you need to get “payment” up front, for the moment you cease to be “of value” to him, you die standing.

Watch the guy standing right behind, and then beside you….yes that Rafizi guy….he too have lost much of his credibility. Right now Anwar Ibrahim needs Rafizi Ramli because Azmin Ali has proven himself to be good for PKR, good for Anwar Ibrahim, good for the nation and good for Pakatan Harapan. Anwar Ibrahim only wants Azmin Ali to be good for Anwar Ibrahim. Anything else that Azmin Ali is good at, makes him uncomfortable and vulnerable. Azmin Ali is now, in Anwar’s mind, a threat to Anwar Ibrahim. And so he looks for a bloody fool like Rafizi to go against a loyal friend and political asset like Azmin Ali – a classic Anwar Ibrahim move he has done time and time again in his political life. So far he has been able to get away with it. And as long as there are fools who will believe what Anwar tells them….Anwar lives to fight another day. But I think he is running our of fools to fool!

With Anwar Ibrahim there is no win win situation. Only Anwar Ibrahim wins.

Anwar can be whoever and whatever you want him to be. Anwar would have made the Admiral believe that it is Anwar who is doing the Admiral a favour by choosing Port Dickson as his Kawasan. Anwar would have made the Admiral believe that he would be the “eyes and ears” of Anwar Ibrahim in Port Dickson….and he can do more for the people of Port Dickson as Anwar’s “eyes and ears” then he can do as the elected representative of the people there. And God knows what else transpired as Anwar and his band of lackeys worked their charm on this Admiral. If the Admiral wanted to work for the people of Port Dickson they will tell him how having the “ears” of the prime minister would enabled him to do just that. If the Admiral wanted pangkat or a title….boleh di atur! A position of importance in government? Boleh! The spoils of political office? Boleh! And Admiral don’t just read what I write here, go ask all those people who have joined and then left PKR and maybe some time down the road, I will ask another Anwar “loyalist” to go ask the Admiral who made way for Anwar Ibrahim in Port Dickson about what was promised to him when he did so and what really transpired!

I know because I was one of those who once believed that Anwar and the people around him and working for and with him, were men of their words. Fool me once, shame on you Anwar. Fool me twice…same on me for being fooled. And yet I still allowed myself to be fooled by them a third time!  No way will you fool me again!

Enough Said!




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