The Royals at Segambut : Arrogance and Hubris! ABAI !!!

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So what if hubby, daughter and I are in govt, asks Wan Azizah

PETALING JAYA: PKR outgoing president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail today rejected accusations of nepotism following her husband Anwar Ibrahim’s decision to contest the Port Dickson parliamentary by-election. She said she saw no issue in having three members of her family as MPs, adding that it is the voters’ choice.

steadyaku47 comment :

And so it has come to this!

Azizah tells us that there should not be any issue with having Anwar, her and Nurrul in government! Azizah is telling us what to expect when Anwar is prime minister…or should I say…if Anwar is Prime Minister. She is right about one thing though! IT IS THE VOTER’S CHOICE!!!

As they say, power corrupts. Absolute power corrupt absolutely! What Azizah says about having the Segambut Three in government is what being a DPM has made her to be now. She is no longer that wife who sacrificed almost everything to keep the political aspirations of her husband alive. She has done well until Pakatan Harapan won government. Today she is the DPM, her daughter is an MP and her husband is the prime minster designate. All that seems to have made her lose her head.

Azizah, you are what you are today because you played the “Anwar Ibrahim has been maligned and unfairly treated” card to the hilt. The public sympathised with you and put you where you are now. And you are DPM because of that. Do not forget that! What you are uttering now in public has reminded me of that bitch who was the wife of the now ex prime minister. No more no less. Azizah is now Rosmah. She wants to believe what she is not! Let me tell it to you straight Azizah…you are not MP’s material. You are not DPM’s material….you are a doctor, and I am told a good one too….so go back to being a doctor!

Now Hubris! Does the Royals in Segambut read what is being said about them in social media? Have they heard about ABAI? ABAI (ASAL BUKAN ANWAR IBRAHIM). The line has been drawn and again Port Dickson is in the news for the wrong reason.

Blog reader Hamzah says :    
The Anwar Conundrum
Interesting to hear that certain parties are working together to ensure Anwar doesn’t win in PD. (And these are not BN people!)
If Anwar loses, he cannot be PM.
They cannot engineer another by-election as Rakyat will be angry.
(Good strategy to neutralise Anwar.)
When he loses, Anwar may rejoin BN – bringing the PKR MPs with him.
Azmin will stay in PH but shift allegiance to PPBM.
He will be PM-designate.
Either way, political instability will be created.
Anwar wants to create an Anwar Dynasty with Azizah and Nurul Izzah in power.
If Anwar loses, he will join the Opposition to challenge PH altogether.
Honestly we don’t need this with the upcoming financial crisis at our doorsteps.
By NST Online – September 12, 2018 @ 10:59pm
Siti Kasim, urged voters to reject Anwar Ibrahim in Port Dickson by-election.
Anwar, his family and PKR need to be “taught a lesson.”
Just don’t vote for Anwar. Let the opposition win.
“PKR and his family must be taught a lesson.
They did this three times! No more!
“They think they can do whatever they like at our expense? Nope!,” she wrote
Siti’s ‘three times’ remark reference to Kajang 2014, Permatang Pauh 2008.
2008 Wan Azizah stepped down as MP so that Anwar could contest
2014 Kajang.  Anwar convicted of sodomy
Wan Azizah contested and won
Siti shared Zuraida Kamaruddin’s press statement
questioned decision-making process to allow Anwar’s return
Zuraida labeled those involved as (dangkal)
decision not reached through proper channels
Zuraida : PKR manipulated by certain quarters
Siti : if Anwar not honest with own party, cannot be relied to be honest to rakyat
She also questioned if Anwar would look for another constituency if lost in PD
Siti says this is what happens when a cause is based on one person
“Soon it will be another Umno.”
And so the resistance against the Segambut Royals is alive and well. I am one. With you we are two. Who else will join us?


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