Just over three months back, we got rid of two of the most disgusting individuals that this nation has ever had the misfortune of having, Najib and Rosmah. Najib Razak is the worse pencuri,, penyagak and penipu this nation has ever known. Rosmah Mansor is the most obnoxious partner/wife and FLOM (Fat Lady of Malaysia) that any Malaysian  prime minister has ever had. In that decade when they were in Seri Perdana our country had been dragged through almost a decade of unbearable arrogance, unmitigated greed and utter avarice that we must ensure through whatever means at our disposal, that the likes of these two bastards will never ever darken the political scenario in Putrajaya ever again.

And yet….barely a 100 days after they have been purged out of government and Barisan Nasional have been dismissed from office, we are looking at another situation where political expediency had made is possible for a political entity (PKR) to claim that their leader (Anwar Ibrahim) now has a mandate to govern our nation. Are these two, Najib and Rosmah, soon to be replaced by Anwar and Azizah?

These days we are being constantly reminded by that ‘almost a deputy president” of PKR, aka Rafizi Ramli, that PKR is the biggest coalition partner of the Pakatan Harapan government. We are being constantly reminded that Anwar is the PM designate and that he, Rafizi Ramli, will ensure that Anwar will be Malaysia’s next Prime Minister. Rafizi’s sense of entitlement sickens me to the core. And now we have Azizah joining the chorus that says “Me To…I want to be part of the political circus” with her husband as the ring master. Are you guys not sick of this “entitlement trip” that PKR has? Umno all over again?

I don’t really care if Anwar spent many years in prison. I do not really care that Mahathir prosecuted, persecuted and prevented Anwar from becoming PM of Malaysia. Nor do I care if Najib’s BN government put Anwar through an unfair trial and convicted him of Sodomy two. Ask yourself this….by the way he lived his life and the things he did in office, did Tun Mahathir gave any opportunity for Najib to prosecute or persecute him through the courts? No! By the things they did and in the manner that they lived their lives neither did Mahyuddin Yassin, Daim Zainuddin, Azmin Ali and a host of others  too, never gave any reasons for themselves to be prosecuted or persecuted. But not Anwar! However corrupt or tainted these judges are, however much the judicial process allowed itself to be abused and used by the powers that be, there must still be reasonable cause for any one to be convicted because nobody can be persecuted or prosecuted if they are totally innocent. Whatever you say of our judiciary (and I know there is plenty you can say about them) the bottom line is simply this…Anwar Ibrahim gave them reason enough to take him to court and convict him of sodomy. And pardon or no pardon he, Rafizi, Azizah and we all know what he is guilty of.

Now there is the matter of this Rafizi Ramli guy aka Kuda Tunggangan Anwar ibrahim!

He was doing okay before Anwar Ibrahim got out of Bamboo River.  We all know that he did a lot to help turn the tide against BN, UMNO and Najib and gang. Do not take my words for it…go ask Rafizi yourself and he will tell you the same thing…that he started Invoke, put in his own money sacrificed his time….he will back me up and agree that he did a lot to help Pakatan Harapan win the general election. Now here is the part that he does not understand. I know that I have been blogging for a decade. I know that I have done over thirteen thousand postings….but if I keep telling people over and over again about these things that I do …people will get fed up of listening to me talking like a broken record.Now I know this because I am over 72 years old and I think I know that there are times when people just want me to shut the fuck up. So Rafizi….stop telling people about what you do, about what you want to do and about what you are doing…..fed up aku dengar …macham broken record lah. Try reading what is being written and said about you, Anwar, Azizah and PKR on the net…it might sober you up a bit.

Now what happens if you do become Anwar’s number two in PKR?

That might happen but you will still be number four in PKR…after Anwar, Azizah and Nurrul. And who knows who else Anwar might have promised to take your place once your usefulness to Anwar is done with. You might think yourself to be PKR president designate after Anwar Ibrahim, but I suggest you better ask yourself if there is anyone in PKR who will now promise you that they will make sure that you will replace Anwar Ibrahim when he is no longer President. I think there will be a few others who think themselves also in line…of course after Azizah and Nurrul ma!

Anwar Ibrahim might have left Umno a long long time ago but there is no denying that Umno has not left Anwar. In the things he said, in the things he does and in the things that are now happening in and around Anwar Ibrahim, there is the unmistakable stench of arrogance, hubris and that ugly word “self-interest” that seems to permeates everything that he does. Today politics is where they make the big money…and everyone wants to be a part of it….Rafizi included!

Here is another article that someone sent me that will give us a better understanding of what is going on in Anwar’s head:

From a Source on Annuar PD Move : –

We can now see the gulf between Tun and Anwar.

Tun wanted to oust Najib and his klepto regime. He went all the way from a single man criticizing Najib, then form a party, then negotiated an unlikely coalition with PKR, DAP, Amanah (and later Warisan) and got everybody went all out campaigning under a single banner in GE14. Even got some UMNO veterans like Daim, Rafidah and Rais to join his side. For his effort, Malaysia’s history changed forever – a new government formed. Tun fought the mighty klepto regime head on, fair and square despite the obvious handicap. And he became PM, endorsed by Malaysians.

Now look at Anwar. His sole motive seems to become PM and nothing else. And his method? Use backdoor by kicking out a sitting MP to make way for him. PD folks has to sacrifice another day for the election when they don’t need it, not to mention all the waste of campaigning. Can you call this fair and square?

But the biggest difference between Anwar and Tun is this:

Tun got the support of those who were once his staunchest enemies in order to become PM.

Anwar has made enemies of those who were once his staunchest supporters in order to become PM.

Tun united the nation.

Anwar split even his own party.

Is this the kind of person Malaysia want & need as its Leader ??