Dear Sir, u may be in trouble of getting a overwhelming support in PD, especially from non Malays.

It may look like your path is paved unobtrusively towards the highest pedestal of premiership through the PD saga. You may reach there but not so popularly as u assume.

I think you are utterly mistaken that PD is the best choice. Now many are thinking why should they support u. Which would not hv been the case if one of your ladies had the courage and clarity to pave the way for u by resigning. Send your so called intelligentsia under Rafizi to office corridors, eateries, coffee shops, bars, markets, schools etc. , to assess the pulse.

People voted your PH b’cos they not only wanted a change of government but also to realise all the dreams about a free, non-corrupt, equalitarian and fair government. When you were struggling all struggled with you hoping you will be the next best choice.
But you hv begun to disappoint the Rakyat.
Mahathir gave u the new life, not UMNO nor our ruling leaders.

Have u forgotten it fast. Why in the first place you had to negotiate with your friends in UMNO who are surruptitiously dealing with u when PH has laid a golden carpet for you to return as our leader.
Why usurp political novices like Rafizi to do what u intend to do in PKR while we expect you to run a united and collaborative party that would rule us examplarily.
Why are u in a hurry. Soon after PD are u going for the kill to kick out Mahathir to crown yourself as PM with the help of UMNO?
Looks like u hv a serious problem. Pl share with the Rakyat Sir. Don’t sadden us with your irrational moves. Don’t threaten us with your manouvres.

Its all worrying b’cos u are using the same, if not, a similar approach when you were brought to govt by Mahathir. You are repeating them. Where is the change you declared to the world.
I am talking about your utterences and policies you professed and promulgated while in Govt and outside.

You must change Sir. The populace and the situation are different today. When you are prepared for old style of governance by suggesting u would consider prople from opposition parties it clearly raises doubt about your conviction to new thoughts and ecpectations. This is how most Malaysians think today under PH govt. Are u considering this union called PH as a mere ‘marriage of convenience’.

So, I suggest when you are on campaign trail in PD you shd clearly state your stand on all these issues.
You may hv a reduced majority otherwise. You are no more the most popular politician in Malaysia.
You are expected to say your clear stand on the following:
1. Your views on national multiracial future
2. Your views about moderate Islamic approach
3.Your views abt a united Malaysia where Malays are the majority who would take care of minority interests in a new way
4. Your views about our national economic recovery
5. Your views about a new legislature for a fair election and an efficient non-corrupt governance system. Also separation of powers among all three arms of Government.
6.Your views abt your(PKR) role in PH
7. Lastly, your views abt all those surreptitious policies and programs of BN which trounced our well being and mutual coexistence.

Sorry to say, you seem to care more for positions rather than people.

I was with u at Universty Malaya and hv been closely following u as a leader. Your ‘reformasi’ has no value if u are not clear and open.

Walk your talk and take care of Malaysians as an able and committed leader we admire.

A concerned ctizen.