You’re too young to know Dr M, TMJ takes veiled jibe at Syed Saddiq

PETALING JAYA: An article penned by Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman praising Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a “perfectionist” has not gone down well with the Johor crown prince, who delivered a veiled jibe on Twitter suggesting that the PPBM Youth chief was too young to understand the prime minister. “Perfectionist? It’s either you’re delusional or obsessed,” Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, better known as TMJ (Tengku Mahkota Johor), said on his Twitter. This comes just a day after Saddiq, 25, who is also the Muar MP, wrote a glowing tribute to Mahathir, praising the veteran leader as meticulous and “master of his own work”.

TMJ was sharp in his response, although he did not name his target. “You were still in your mother’s belly, kid. Do some research,” the outspoken crown prince, who has taken on both Barisan Nasional (BN) and PH politicians in the past, wrote on Twitter.

steadyaku47 comment : Aku dah lama tak comment pasal those idiots down South. Ada sebab aku tak comment. Kalau dia orang dok diam and keep themselves amused by playing pocket billiards among themselves, aku pon tak kachau dia orang. As it is, they are already sweating buckets trying to figure out how much money they will NOT make from their business venture with the Chinese in that Country Garden venture. So I thought, ease of a bit lah. And then this budak belum bersunat comes up with a comment on what Syed Saddiq said about Mahathir’s ability to be “a master of his own work”. Syed might think twice before he hantam this budak belum bersunat from down South…but I do not have such reservations.

First thing first….I have still to hear from the authorities or Angkatan Tentera Malaysia on what I wrote about this budak memukul saorang perajurit komando early this year….

Budak TMJ is also a gangster ka?

Kejadian dimana TMJ telah terlibat dalam kes memukul saorang perajurit komando di Mersing, Johor.
1. Kejadian ini berlaku pada awal bulan April.
2. Perajurit komando tersebut telah dituduh mengambil gambar TMJ sedang berenang di Pulau Rawa, Mersing. 
3. Perajurit komando ditugaskan sebagai pengawal boat yang membawa TMJ ke Pulau Rawa.
4. Bilamana TMJ dimaklum bahawa perajurit komando itu telah mengambil gambar beliau mengunakan handfon, lantas TMJ dan bodyguard nya 
menyerang dan memukul perajurit komando itu hingga pengsan.
5. Setelah handfon komando itu disiasat, didapati tiada gambar diambil. Sebenarnya komando tersebut sedang menghubungi isterinya dikem yg sedang mengandung.
6. Rata rata pasukan komando merasa terhina dgn.kejadian ini dan sudah hilang hormat pada TMJ.
7. Dengar khabar kejadian ini diketahuai oleh Raja Perlis dan telah memberi amaran keras pada TMJ.
8. Ada juga khabar angin yg mengatakan TMJ telah keluar negara bagi mengelak kritikan rakyat terhadap perbuatan biadapnya terhadap komando tersebut.
Sekian dahulu ringkasan kejadian TMJ yg biadap itu.
Why no action so far by ATM…or should I say from MINDEF on the above matter? Tak kan Mat Sabu takut budak yang belum bersunat ni?
Anyway….having disappear after that Rm1 million idiotic Supermarket stunt, this budak has now resurfaced and starts taking potshots at a PH minister. And of course he dares only to choose the most junior of these ministers….  somebody he thinks he can bully, some one he thinks dare not response to his jibes. Well Ismail, Syed Saddiq can do what he wants but I will have my say on this….apa aku peduli!
The people in Australia have a name for boys like you….a Dickhead….and if you want to know how to say that in Malay…click here : How to Say “dickhead” in Malay.. Malay or English, it describes you well :
You are a sad excuse for a human being! You do not know the value of money…but then that is not your fault….that is the fault of your father, Mr Sultan. Any good, decent and responsible father will teach their children thrift. You do not know how to respect not only your elders but anybody you came into contact with. But that is also not your fault…it is the fault of your father, Mr Sultan. who should have taught you good manners while you were growing up. It looks like with a father like Mr Sultan, you would be only be half to blame for the obnoxious guy that you have become. I think I better not say too much about Mr Sultan not being a good father because if I go on in this vein, Mr Sultan will get upset…or as you guys like to say, Sultan murku…opps sorry that should be murka! This is a murku…..
This is a Sultan who is murka …
Anyway let us continue….Have you done any real work in your life? Oh yes we remember you taking charge of FAM…how long did that last?

TMJ officially takes over as new FAM President

That was on March 25th 2017.

TMJ officially quits as FAM president

This Ismail/TMJ really rubs me the wrong way….and that is not because he is a small guy….small as in short! No lah, being short has nothing to do with it though the way this Little Napoleon behaves does give credence to the theory that because of their shortness, short people are overly obnoxious and have an inferiority complex to make up for being short.This Ismail is obnoxious but being obnoxious does not bother Ismail because in truth he does not know what that means. In his case, ignorance is bliss.

A word of advice to this budak. Tun Mahathir is the man who made you guys what you all are today…..all talk and no trousers. Which means you guys are full of boastful, arrogant, or shallow talk that never materialize into anything. If you do not behave yourself, soon….very soon…you will find yourself even without your underwear!

And you know what they say about short people don’t you Ismail? Short people have short…….? So you are now already sans your trousers….do not lose your underwear too or else your crown jewels will be out in the open for all to see how short they are!

This Ismail is shorter than his father Mr Sultan…and some wag told me not to worry too much about the Royals down South because, going by what is now happening with Ismail being shorter than Mr Sultan, pretty soon their descendents will get shorter and shorter, and God willing, in  a few generations to come, they may just all disappear! Dear God…please make that happen!