Andrew Gregory Sewell : If PH is true to it’s manifesto and fighting corruption….

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Andrew Gregory Sewell

Andrew Gregory Sewell Pak Hussein Abdul Hamid…. Some thoughts on the matter (that idiot Ugly Malaysia Dato Fathil)
(1) The hotel is duty bound BY LAW to export a criminal offence committed on its premises. It appears they have not. This is itself a commission of an offence under the Penal Code and/other statutes.
(2) Looking at the severity of the criminal behaviour of one of its customers, in the interests of other guests and employees the owners of the hotel (Japanese Billionaire Karsumi Tada/Daito Trust) should logically issue a public statement condemning the incident and ban the culprit as many who’s who patronise both KL Hilton & Le Merredian owned by Karsumi. The question now begs as to why this has not been done and why is Corporate Responsibility at such a low standard in Malaysia. Are we still living on trees?
(3) That the victim didn’t make a police report for whatever reason is his choice but it is still the constitutional right of ANY member of the public to make one on the incident and PDRM is duty bound to investigate and refer the IP to AG’s Chambers recommending that charges be proffered on this low life scum.
(4) Under Malaysian law (notably our Indian inherited Penal Code) some offences may be compounded and this the accused acquitted. This means that 1st the perpetrator must be charged in court. Secondly he must through his lawyer and with the knowledge and acquiescence of the presiding magistrate/sessions judge make an offer to the victim which, if accepted, must be paid to the victim in court (usually in the Chambers of the magistrate/judge) and then only the accused is acquitted. The AG doesn’t withdraw charges. It seems this blaggard of a scoundrel with an honorific title has circumvented the process but it still doesn’t preclude him from being prosecuted by the AG.

If PH is true to the manifesto and fighting corruption it must not only be done in govt institutions but also in all levels of society in including the daily lives and attitudes of Malaysians for corruption when it has become a way of life can only be fought in the hearts and minds of people and the payment of money to victim and its acceptance (akin to blood money in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia) is itself corruption of social moral and judicial principles and values in a democratic & Communist nation.


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