7.32 am Melbourne.

No, I have not yet had my first Espresso. I am sick to my stomach that the antics of this Ugly Malaysian might have caused him to pee in his pants with fright, might have cost him a great deal of angst and caused him to be out-of-pocket in having to provide financial restitution to the victim of his bullying, but, as related in my previous posting…The Bloody Idiot in a Range Rover  none of what we wanted to happen to him did happen :

“Let us insists,nay demand, that PDRM take action against this bloody idiot. Let us insist that the Hotel take action against the bloody idiot to protect its employees, and let us hope, against hope, that the employee at the centre of this bullying incident will stand firm and make a complaint and not be inclined to “kautim” with the bloody idiot for a generous financial settlement”.

Such is the way things are done in Bolehland. I am sick to my stomach at all this “I am rich and privilege and I can get away with bloody murder in Bolehland” reality that still burdens this new Malaysia. That “Cash is still King” mentality is alive and well – no thanks to people like this Fathil bastard…and belive you me, he is a bastard!

In PD we see the Pakatan Harapan/Manifesto Prime Minister candidate “warn” the EC Chairman not to go overboard in his “advise” to the candidates and here we have this Ugly Malaysian pose for a picture with the victim of his bullying…all “kautim” and smiling away for the benefit of what he thinks, is the stupid rakyat (that is you and me lah!).

And what about our prime minister Tun Mahathir? Well this is what Tun said a few days back : “We often speak about the rule of law, but don’t think about its meaning. In any civilised society, there are laws that regulate the actions of all, from kings to governments and the people. We must obey them, else there will be chaos,” . Dr Mahathir also explained that laws were how democracies avoided the tyranny of the majority, by ensuring the rights of the minorities are equally protected. So Tun  what about this Ugly Malaysian who bullied the rights of a minority? Are you going to do something about it…or like Azizah, you are going to say “no can do?”

Think about it guys….time and time again these kind of “settlement” happens and except for a light smack on his hands for being a bad boy, this Fathil bastard gets away with bullying one of us. Tun I hope your cakap is serupa bikin in this situation and you will make an example of this Fathil bastard to tell the rakyat that real change is a work in progress….and your cakap is serupa bikin.

No espresso for me this morning….this Fathil bastard has left a bad taste in my mouth no coffee can take away. May these kind of Malaysian rot in hell and may the fleas from a 1000 camel infest his armpits and that region of his Ugly self where the sun does not shine!

And YES…Cash is still king!!!