Norhizam apology

So Hulk apologized for his outburst and admitted that he is short-tempered but gave excuses of how the UMNO guy knows how to play up his temperament. Whilst some are suggesting that he’s not sincere with his apology, I urge everyone to be magnanimous and forgive him. Although this is not his first outburst, I say we the Rakyat have done enough to show that we don’t tolerate such nonsense by those we elected as leaders. Let’s magnanimously grant him a pardon, reprieves and respites of his offenses. Pardoning him means we forgive him but we don’t forget.-MZ

steadyaku47 comment : Setuju with MZ. Just one question to this YB (Yang Bodoh). Are you apologising because of the negative image all this idiocy is giving you or because you are really sorry? Norhizam you have to say sorry for the right reason or this “negative image” will never leave you. Ok… now onwards towards One Malaysia.