steadyaku47 comment : Lately I have had this guy, Ahmad Ghiti making a number of comments on what I write about Anwar Ibrahim. I am not too sure if this is the same guy that I use to know when I was in Insurance…but it seems today he is a a big time businessman and a strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim. Mat you have your reason in supporting Anwar and I have my reason to not support him.  I have no problems with you being a supporter of Anwar Ibrahim.Good luck to you Mat…but if you want to continue to make comments on my FB or Blog…please understand that there will come a time when I get a bit tired of your whining and complaining about my negative writing on Anwar and I may respond. For now I suggest you do what I am suggesting you do below. If Anwar cannot or will not answer…then come back to me and we can talk. Kapish?
Ahmad Ghiti
Ahmad Ghiti Ronald Chew : what monkey business are you referring to? Do you have evidence ?