Kumarraj Ps

Hussein are u holding Malaysian citizenship still? Did u voted in the last election? If not ..go write about Australia..don’t create problem here within Malaysians.

steadyaku47 : When you have been blogging for as long as I have been blogging…for over a decade…you roll with the punches. Anytime anyone sends me a note, sms or make a comment on what I write that rubs me the wrong way…I do two things. Either block him or her from being able to access my Facebook, or, if I have the inclination….I will sit down and write my reply to their comments. For Kumarraj Ps I will take the trouble to sit down and reply to the above comments that he made on my face book re my posting on Anwar “When will he ever learn“. Why am I doing so…. I am doing so because :

  1. He asks if I am holding a Malaysian Citizenship.
  2. He asks if I voted in the last election.
  3. He asks that since I am in Australia, I should  write about Australia.
  4. And he tells me  that I should not create problems among Malaysians.

If this idiot had taken the trouble to find out a bit about me he could have answered those questions himself. First I am a Malaysian citizen. I did not vote at the last election because I have never voted in my life. Instead through my blog I wrote many many articles in support of Pakatan Harapan and in my mind, that is how I use my time and effort to rid Malaysia of that thief Najib and his Kleptocratic BN government. I do not write about Australia because I  have not found anything that I disagree with in Australia – and that is why I have chosen to live in Australia. As for creating problems among Malaysians….dey tambi, what trouble have I created? Go read what I write before GE 14 and you will see that all that I have done in my writing is to bring to the attention of many Malaysians, what this Kleptocratic Najib and his BN government has done to almost destroy our country with debts, corruption and their arrogance.

So that is why Kumarraj, as I read your comments, I was upset that not only have you not taken the trouble to read a few of the things I posted on my blog but you also made it personal by asking me about my citizenship, about whether I vote or not and you basically told me not to meddle in the affairs of Malaysia and Malaysians.

If you want to comment on the things that I write then the least you must do is to find out a bit about me, about my blog and what I write in that blog. Then if you disagree with what I write, tell me why you disagree and put your case rationally and logically.

In that article “”When will he ever learn“…” what I am doing is to make Anwar understand that he has been convicted twice of sodomy. I am telling him to not give any one any reason to even suspect that there might be Sodomy 3. And you say that I am creating a problem among Malaysian by pointing that out? How so? Can you please explain? And if you think that those photos were edited or photoshop by me…go to this facebook page and see for yourself whether Anwar and this guy knows each other…and please take note that he is sitting in the front row with Anwar just one seat away.

From your FB I see that you are from PD and from what you write you seem to be an ardent supporter of Anwar Ibrahim. Well brother I have known Anwar from our school days together in MCKK. Go google my blog https://blog.steadyaku47.com/home/ and search under Anwar Ibrahim and you will see what i have written about Anwar. Now can you tell me what you know of Anwar Ibrahim to be an ardent supporter of him? On what grounds are you supporting Anwar. What reason? Maybe you can give me some reasons as to why I should support Anwar’s in his attempts to be prime minister after Tun Mahathir. Do you know something I do not know about Anwar?

If you are just telling me to mind my own business because I live in Australia…then I think you need to understand that there are many reasons why people do NOT want Anwar to be prime minister after Tun. Read what they write…then think…..and if you disagree, tell them why you disagree. Kapish? And if what I write about Anwar bother you so much….click me out of your life.