There was a fire at our place early this morning. I had done my last posting at around 3.10 am last night and went to bed physically tired but mentally on a high because I wanted to be up bright and early in the morning to write some more about the things that were still in my head. At about 5.30 am the fire alarm went off. I woke up and my son told me that there was a lot of smoke outside our balcony. I went outside and saw thick smoke billowing from where the rubbish room was located right below our apartment.

Long story short, by the time we got my wife into her wheelchair and down to the ground floor, there were four fire brigades, an ambulance and countless police cars doing their work to put out the fire and manage the swelling crowd on the streets outside our apartment block.

The ladies in charge of the ambulance provided us with two blankets to keep my wife warm while we waited for the all clear to go back to our apartment. Three hours later, at 9.10am we were allowed back into our unit….much much colder (I only had a singlet and shorts on) and much relieved that all was well with our unit and the building seems intact.

What stayed in my mind during the minor fire emergency was this.  While we were waiting for three hours in the holding area (a room in a building next door) for our apartment building to be smoked free, at about an hour into our wait, volunteers turned up with hot coffee and cereals for breakfast for us. Remember this was about 7 am in the morning…so it did occur to me as to where these volunteers were coming from!

From time to time they kept us updated of the situation and the Ambulance staff came over to check if all was well with us. When it was time to return to our apartment block, the police officer who knew of my wife’s condition, came over to talk to us quietly to inform us to make our way back to the building in half an hour so that they could let us into the lift first so as to minimise any more stress then was necessary for my dear wife. In a nut shell….yes we were inconvenienced by the fire…and yes they  took care of us all well.

As soon as we got my wife back into her warm and cozy bed, I had a shower, made myself a cup of expresso…and here I am ready to do work on this blog…and Selamat Pagi Malaysia.


P.S my daughter’s comment when I told her about the fire and how everything went….”I’m glad it all worked out. The same thing happens here in times of emergencies..People band together and help one another. It’s heartening to be a part of a caring community”…she lives in Canada with her family….we must get Malaysia back to that place again asap….”a caring community” for all Malaysians.