The Tengku Makhota of Pahang, together with his father, the Sultan, had ravaged and depleted the State of Pahang of its timber for as long as anyone can remember. They have also made money out off any business opportunities and contracts given to others in Pahang and even taken some of these business opportunities/contracts for themselves and then on sell them to others for a tidy profit. Not content with trying to profit from any thing done in Pahang that could earn them a ringgit or two,  where they could, they continue to bleed these businesses for any other monies they can squeeze from them.
With all the money flowing into the Royal House of Pahang, the Pahang State government still had to “rescue” the Sultan from gambling debt incurred in London and in one audacious attempt at trying to get something for nothing, the Sultan “bought” a plane from the Sultan of Brunei and then “forgot” to pay for it. Needless to say, the Sultan of Brunei got back his plane when he realised that the Royal House of Pahang simply do not have the means to maintain the plane….what more buy one! 
God knows what amount of cash flowed into the Royal coffers from their selling of Pahang Datukships. Anybody from a chicken seller, cashed up businessman to gangsters with dreams of respectability (NOT) could, would and did go to Pahang to get a datukship off the rack from RM$50K upwards.
Everything from rare earth mining, gold mining…even gambling at casinos in London, have all been given a go by these Pahang Royals to look for the proverbial “quick buck”, but money is something these Pahang Royals lack by the bucketfuls because their ostentatious lifestyles by far exceed their income.  The Royals, of course, also play polo and are not shy about flying here and there to their various “appointments” in their Helicopter.
So how, you may ask, can the Rascal Regent afford to fly around in a helicopter?   
Let me give you one insight as to how they go about with their colossal financial shenanigans. 
Salinni SPA, later changed to TM-Salini SPA for the RM2.5 billion Hydro Electric Power Dam Project located at about 30 km from Ringlet Highwy to Kuala Lipis in Pahang, is an Italian Company. It is the second largest construction company in the world. What part the Pahang Royals played in securing the contract for TM-Salini SPA is something I do not know, but the fact that the project is located in Pahang meant that the Italian company would be “squeezed” by the royals for anything they can get. 
Upon signing of the “Joint Venture” a sizeable “thank you” valued in many many millions (try putting two noughts to a number bigger that one…or maybe two!)  went into the royal coffers for bestowing their “royal patronage’ on the project. Once in a while the Regent would visit the projects to “inspect” progress or attend functions….for cash!
One of those visit by the TM was made when there was a major river diversion and a mega ceremony was done to commemorate the event. There was a huge tea party, a fireworks display in broad daylight, a Football Game thrown in  for the Orang Asli children (for which the Italian company bought jerseys for the Orang Asli children) and the Tengku Makhota was their guest of honour to tekan the button for the daylight fireworks display. Of course TM came via his Heli and the Italian guys were in their best suits. TM arrived wearing a bloody T Shirt and Track Suit bottoms for he had just himself, finished a game of soccer from where he was coming from.The Italian bosses in their suits, looked and felt bloody stupid greeting the TM in his T shirt!
And what was the Tengku Malhota’s fee for officiating at that mega tea party where he had to tekan the button to start the firework display in broad daylight? 
RM 56000.00 (Fifty Six Thousand Ringgit)….I guess that paid for his time and the cost of the Heli trip with some pocket-money left over! The money was paid with a cheque in his name. Go check the accounts of TM-Salini SPA for this payment because I did not have the opportunity to make the copy of that cheques to post it here for you guys to sight. Sorry.
That Rascal Regent aka Tengku Makhota of Pahang, had also instructed/suggest/ twisted TM-Salini SPA arms to ensure that all the huge timber felled in the process of construction goes to his designated sawmills.  If that was not enough, he had also cordoned off the many mini islands that appear after water fills up the dam to build Resorts and Solar Farms.  
The huge tea party with a Football Game thrown in for the Orang Asli children was just to appease the Orang Asli who were fuming because they were severely short-changed by TNB. All they got from that huge tea part where the TM tekan the button for the daylight fireworks display were the jerseys and the football boots.
To vacate their home for the Dam to be built, the Orang Asli  were promised a bungalow with 2 hectare of land and some monetary disbursement.  What finally happened was that  they were all placed in tiny terrace houses in a small settlement and their can’t forage in the forest as they were use to before without any payment at all.
Such are the financial shenanigans of the Pahang Royals in their never-ceasing chase for the mighty ringgits. I rest my case.