This morning my dear wife was not her usual self. After I had got her ready for breakfast and got her onto the hydraulic lift to take her to the living room, I could see that she was still tired and somewhat in pain with a slight fever. I decided that she would be better of staying in bed….and she had breakfast in bed. It was already past 1pm then and my son reminded me that my dear wife is weak because it was past lunchtime and she needed her food to get her going for the day. He went into the kitchen and made her some fresh soup  – beetroot, chickpeas and a few other ingredients and took it upon himself to give her lunch. He is my rock. For my lunch I had fried corn beef with mashed sweet potato. By late afternoon my wife had got back her mojo and we relaxed a bit.It is now 5.24 pm. She is asleep and I can write.

None of you, who have not been home for over a decade, will have any idea of how we who have, feel. I am not prone to waxing lyrical about what Bangsar means to me. About how my heart sings when, hungry as hell, I head towards Kampong Baru to get me some Nasi Dagang, sweet Kelantanese delicacies for myself and langsat or ciku (whatever is in season) for my dear wife. Sometimes I head for Jalan Imbi…drive about 300 yards and turn left into Jalan Barat and then immediately left again into Jalan Jati and as I turn into Jalan Jati – there on my right is the object of my passion See Kee Curry Puff….and I buy enough for at least a few days supply but always finish them on the first day. And early Sunday morning at the market in Lucky Gardens is simply a feast for the eyes, the soul and certainly heaven for the stomach. And so I want none of you to question if we Malaysians who chose to live elsewhere, miss home. We all miss home and in my dreams, always, I am back in Bangsar with my wife doing our grocery shopping at TMC or BSC.

But I cannot forget the unpleasantness that politics have foisted upon me. I cannot forgive umno’s part in making us Malays into what we are today : no longer graceful, no longer respectful….no longer the people I remember us to be.

I remember those times when my uncles, government servants all, were objects of great love and reverence. Yes I say reverence not just respect  – for respect denotes a feeling of deep admiration for someone for their abilities, qualities, or achievements. …my feelings for my late father and uncles was more than that…that is why I say reverence. Over and above what they had achieved in their work for the Kerajaan…there was the respect and admiration that I see people giving them as they went about living their lives. And that respect that others give to my father and my uncles, we cousins gave to our uncles, ten times over. And we know that we are expected to respect anyone else found in the company of our uncles in the same manner….for we know for sure that anyone in their company must also be respectable people for surely my father and my uncles would not associate themselves with any questionable characters. That was how we Malays of the Dr Latiff clan, behaved : then and still, now. And that too, was how many many Malays conducted themselves, always mindful that what they do would be the standard by which the “others” would view the Malays.

Umno has changed that for many Malays. How is it possible that an ex prime minister, a current president of Umno and many other Malays holding high public office, are being hunted down like wild pigs for the things they have done while in office? The mind boggles when it tries to understand how these Malays have become what they are : Malays who dare to steal billions from their own kind. Ptui!

But enough of Najib and those Kleptos for now. The conundrum we now face requires a strong constitution and much greater skills to unravel then the unraveling of the Gordian Knot!

We have in Pakatan Harapan, a leader all 92 years of age. Common sense tells us that a replacement /successor/ or heir must be anointed post-haste. And yet, I am told, there is already one already annointed…is there not? Hence the conundrum. While the leading lights of Pakatan Harapan has agreed to have Anwar Ibrahim succeed Tun Mahathir, the rakyat has not.  Okay lah, not all the rakyat have agreed to not have Anwar Ibrahim succeed Tun Mahathir – but there are enough dissenting voices to make the succession problematic. So how will this conundrum be resolved? I have yet to know how but until I know for sure, I will do what I know I can do…write about it and let you guys decide for yourself how our own Gordian Knot is to be cut.

It is now past 6.30 pm Sunday evening and the weekend is just about over. I am listening to Hey Jude on the earphone (loud…very loud) and my wife is still sound asleep. I have the laundry to bring in from the balcony to be folded up and put away. I think I have done enough posting for today…eight articles and just over 14K clicks…which should go to 20K by tonight. …and all the posting were easy because my heart was in it and I went with the flow. The high point for the week just past? Trengganu win over JDT in the Suku Akhir 2 Piala Malaysia 2018. Why? You guys already know why….If JDT wins, TMJ sure bising lah. That’s why!

And guys…thanks for reading what I write. Over and out!