I must be getting really old…I am 72 so I am already old….I must be getting older now because this morning my heart tells me “No Espresso…have a cup of tea…it will relax you!” At 72 you do not want excitement, vigour or too much of that “oomph” that will put you in overdrive. You have to be cool or you are going to be a fool. So a cup of Tea it will be for me this morning!

It is now 11.07 am and I am about to go to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. And top of the list is what we are going to have for dinner tonight : ROAST CHICKEN…made in the way that one of my late beloved Aunty used to make from a time long long ago when Tunku and Tun Razak, were prime ministers. My cousin, her daughter, sent me the recipe over the weekend and I will try that recipe out today. The part that I am not looking forward to is “then u bedak kan ayam yu dgn butter and leave it overnite or few hours”…”bedak kan” that ayam is going to get my hands messy and leaving the ayam “overnite”is simply too long for me….so maybe a few hours in the fridge before I put it in the oven for dinner tonight! Okay lah you ladies must be wanting to see what it is all about…so let let me share the recipe here with you….and a big thank you to my cousin, Iza.

“Marinate the chicken using minced garlic/lea & perrins/kicap pekat n honey.. then u bedak kan ayam yu dgn butter and leave it overnite or few hours.. kuah roast is from the marinate ayam.. buat lebih the marinate and u can have the gravy bila ayam dh masak ..so my trick now is to rebus the chicken dulu then marinate so bila u roast it senang..”

So excuse me guys while I go and get what I have to get to make dinner tonight. Life is good!