6.16 am. Monday morning. I have been up since 4.30 this morning writing about Irwan Serigar, but I am getting ahead of myself here. Let us back up a bit. Yes I have been writing about Irwan Serigar since 4.30 this morning but there were bits and pieces of what I want to write about this thief that still needed piecing together, that still needed additional input and confirmation from K Hell, that still needed tweaking before I will post that story on this blog. So bear with me for a little more while we first “cakap cakap”.

At about 5.45am I told myself it was time to have a shower, make myself a strong short black and start work.

But before I really start…a blast of “Tulsa Time” with Sheryl and Eric Clapton on my headphone to really give me the “oomph” to start writing…and I am ready!!!

Here we go!

The phrase “axis of evil” was first used by U.S. President George W. Bush in his State of the Union address on January 29, 2002, to describe foreign governments that, during his administration, sponsored terrorism and sought weapons of mass destruction.

We Malaysians have our own “axis of evil” during the last BN Najib led government that we and Pakatan Harapan together, consigned to the dustbin at GE14! Three names within that government that reeked of evil, arrogance and impunity. Three names that will forever live in infamy in our history.

Apandi, Khalid and Irwan Serigar! The AG, the IGP and the KSN! And of the three the most contemptible of them all has to be the one who held the keys to the government and our national coffers : the KSN, Irwan Serigar!

And it is only fitting that it is Irwan Serigar that this Mahathir led Pakatan Harapan government have targeted as the first among the axis of evil that they intend to bring to justice. Well folks it is done…he is otw to Sungai Buloh! And you will have my write on him a bit later after this cakap cakap and after those in KL have woken up and provide me with a few more tedious details of what this thieving Mamak has been up to.

Ahhhh the betrayal of our trust by the very people who have sworn to protect us is simply overwhelming at times but trust me guys…this is a betrayal we had to have so that there will be no more of the same in the Malaysia that is to come! No more, no more, no more!!!

On another matter…. a question I want to ask of the power that now be in Putrajaya. In what capacity is Anwar Ibrahim going to China as? As the “manifesto prime minister?” Will it not complicate matters if Anwar, in his discussions with parties in China, tells those parties what “HIS” thinking are on how relations between China and Malaysia will evolved under him? He has already telegraph that there will be changes to the cabinet when he becomes the “manifesto prime minister”……so what will he says to parties in China? Najib had everybody and everything…including the kitchen sink, follow him to China. Who is following Anwar to China? Government trade officials or tycoons? Pakatan Harapan politicians or businessmen? You get my drift? For me this China trip by Anwar has the potential to be a disaster to everything that Mahathir has done in HIS trip to China. Go figure out for yourself the pros and cons of this and share with us your thoughts. Enough said.

On a personal note….thank you for the support you guys have given me in those messages you sent me via FB and private messages. You have made an old man happy. It is 7.00 am on the dot! Enough of this cakap cakap and now, on to the other things I want to blog about…starting with some more tales about Mr Sultan and his “almost a brigadier” “full of himself” son of that Mr Sultan!

Selamat Pagi Malaysia!