This Indian convert, who was once Ganesan a/l Thanggavelu and now known as Irwan Serigar…… who was the Treasury Secretary, was a high flying (so he thinks himself to be!), man about town (NOT!), lying, cheating, bullying, fornicating, doubled faced government servant who was Najib’s “go to numero uno baggage guy and enforcer” in the government to  get any individual, any company or entity to toe the line that made possible the industrial scale kleptocratic ways of Najib’s Barisan Nasional government.

He issued directives, instructions verbal and written, attended meetings and discussions where he unashamedly, brazenly and without any thought to his duties as a sworn servant of the government, facilitated and made possible, the hundreds of millions if not billions of ringgit siphoned out, scammed and simply stolen from government coffers for the financial gain of Najib and his cohorts and of course, himself.

In these meetings and discussions he browbeat others into doing his bidding, made promises far beyond the executive powers vested in him as the Head of Treasury, promises he made supposedly on behalf of the government that he would never be able to fulfilled and all in all acted the bully and abused the executive power at his disposal to get his way with others to serve Najib’s kleptocratic interests and for personal financial gain.

Irwan Serigar enabled Najib and his cohorts to commit day light robbery of our nations coffers legally and illegally. His arrogance was nauseating to many, his “full of himself” mentality sickening to so many who came into contact or had reasons to deal with him. He was “sent” to anywhere that Najib needed an “enforcer” to continue his looting of our national coffers and Irwan Seriagar eagerly and with relished did Najib’s bidding. He profited handsomely for prostituting himself and his Head of Treasury post to serve Najib’s greedy interests.

This was the  Civil Service at its worst. If there was anything Irwan Serigar could do to profit for himself, he did so. He got a project for his Chinese girlfriend to supply carpets to the government worth in the hundreds of millions!

A more obnoxious guy than him is impossible to find in that BN government and he did much to earn that dubious honour. As you can see in the above images …he thought it becoming to post images of himself “suitably attired”, so he thinks….when he reality he looks more like a Babbon in heat and dressed for the occasion too!

He is indeed the premier member of the “axis of evil” that the Bugis Lanun, Najib Razak, had put together for the purpose of looting, plundering and pillaging our national coffers to the tune of one trillion ringgit! When I said the “premier” member, let that not distract from the complicity and collusion of the other two, Khalid that tweet of a PIG (Police Inspector General) and Apandi the AG. Now that Irwan Serigar is otw to Bamboo River, what is this Pakatan Government doing about the other two thieves?