steadyaku47 comment : Laporan terkini from a “friend” down South about the goings on there. Posted almost as received with a few plus and minus here and there as i think fit…after all (ahem…) this is my blog!  😉 .
Last Thursday, I went to collect my monthly supply of medication under extreme pain due to the earlier fall from the Specialist Polyclinic (Poliklinik Pakar).  The entire area was cordoned off because of that TMJ’s visitation.  No Ambulances, Taxis and Private Vehicles were allowed in at all from 8.00am.
As my taxi arrived, the driveway was blocked with two policemen directing traffic away.  My taxi driver tried pleading with them, saying that his passenger is an OKU (1 1/2 legged patient) under excruciating pain due to a bad fall.  They just took a darting look at me and shook their head.  Just drop him at the other end of the driveway, one of them said.  The driver was muttering expletives saying Bang, Sorrylah, Beginilah keadaan jadi kecoh bila-bila Barua2 ini datang.  Menyusahkan kita semua.  Semua kena halau.  I told him, takpelah Saudara, Saudara telah secara ikhlas cuba sedaya upaya.  Apa nak buat.  That day due to his fine gesture, I gave him more than what the meter indicated.  Ini sudah lebih Bang, he said.  Takpelah, saya halalkannya.
So, as I struggled towards the entrance, one of the Senior Attendant from the reception saw me and immediately ran in.  Then out he came like an Angel with a wheelchair.  Duduk Bang.  Apa jadi kepada kepala abang, orang pukulkah atau jatuh, he asked.  I told him the main problem was not my head injury but rather my back which was swollen and at certain angle and I can’t breathe due to some neuro-muscular spasm.  He asked where I needed to go.  Don’t worry, I take you there, you just relax.  AllahHuAKHBAR!!!! That was music to my ears.
I asked about the TMJ’s visit.
His reply, “Tu kah abang, hari ni Half Day. Dia datang nak hulurkan sumbang kepada beberapa Department.  Persiapan sudah start dari pukul 3 petang semalam.  Depa cakap RM 100K satu-satu Department.  Tapi yang sedihnya abang, depa cakap Dia nak datang pukul 8 pagi tapi baru sampai 10 minit lalu (12.00 pm).  Semua terbengkalai dan kelam kabut.  Yang I kesian, tengok ramai OKU2 yang terpaksa ditinggalkan jauh.  Maka kami attenden2 cubalah tolong mereka dengan kerusi rodakah atau tolong keluarga angkat depa keluar dari kereta depa.  Setengahnya sampai dua2 kaki pun tak ada.  Itu pun dia orang (Police) tak benarkan.  Depa bukannya terroriskah atau penyangak.  Itu sudah melampau.  Apa nak buat, Bang, kita orang biasa depa Raja.
He was there for me until I collected my meds and then brought me back outside.  He managed to hail a taxi for me and as I shook his hand, there was 2 RM50 notes for him.  Kenapa Bang ni.  I said, Takpe Brader, hari ni you uruskan satu Barbecue untuk seisi keluarga menjelang hari minggu dan BE HAPPY.
On my way back, the taxi driver was complaining about how everything came to a grinding halt due to the TMJ visit.  Hari ini, kami punya rezeki pun terbantut and he went on and on about their shenanigans that cause much hardships for the Rakyat Johor.  Today, the Rakyat are fuming, he said.
Bro’ HH, I think all your the write-ups/whacks on THEM is being read by them or their  assistants that caused them to akhirnya terbeliak mata.  You are our only Daredevil Hero who dares to whack them silly till Kingdom Come.  The cumulative total effect must have penetrated into their conscience, I think.  This is so because lately, there are some Damage Limitation Exercises being carried out in order to appease “Their People”.  There was a news report that Your Mr Sultan had decreed that 60.2 Hectares of “HIS LAND” has been allocated to build affordable homes for “His People”.  This was conveyed by none other than the TMJ himself.  There was a snapshot of him painting some Kampung house with a roller brush attached to a long pole so that the Baginda’s Duli Tidak Tercemar By The Paint (GRIN).  He further said that he has been tasked by the Tuanku Sultan to play an active role to assist Their Rakyat.  A portion of the Tuanku’s land from every Wilayah in Johor would be allocated to build houses costing less than RM 200K.  WHOA, Ini tak pernah berlaku and I think the credit should rightfully and legitimately goes to you, Sir.
Or is it another subtle money making scheme with their own development companies due to their coffers drying up.  You should know better, Bro’.  They thought that they could make a kill via The Forest City tapi akhirnya nganga mulut depa.

TMJ: Johor Sultan donating 60ha of land to

build affordable housing

NATION : Friday, 19 Oct 2018 : by mohd farhaan shah

Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim painting a section of a wall at surau Nurul Falah in Johor Baru during an event organised by the Johor Youth Council on Friday (Oct 19).

JOHOR BARU: Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar will donate 60.7ha of his land to build affordable houses here.   

In a Facebook post on Friday (Oct 19), Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim said that he would conduct the ground-breaking ceremony for the project next week where about 1,000 units of affordable houses will be built with a starting price of RM70,000.