11.02 am. Saturday. For a moment this morning, I smiled when I saw this comment from Ignatius Francis “What a beautiful piece of article. Life is like that”…on one of the articles I posted this morning. Intrigued I click on to his FB to see who this Ignatius is…for any one who makes me smile deserves a look see at the very least. The first line I see on his FB is “Works at Govt of Malaysia”. 

Before May this year….before GE14…those five words “Works at Govt of Malaysia” is not something you will say with pride. Those words you would at best, mumble or whisper to anyone who would ask “What do you do”. During the time when that thief Najib Razak was prime minister, being a government servant carried no dignity, no pride and certainly nothing you want want to talk about. And why should you when the AG, the IGP, a few KSU’s and many of those who were tasked with being senior government servants were using their position to help Najib and his cohorts rob, plunder and pillage our country’s coffers for their own gain. 

Not anymore!

After GE 14, those working in the government are once again the guardians of what we aspire our nation to be and they must be Cekap, Bersih and Beramanah! And I felt good to know that Ignatius can now again be proud that he does “Works at Govt of Malaysia”…..MERDEKA!