Datuk A Kadir Jasin – JOHOR BAHRU: A total of 40 Umno members of parliament nationwide could leave the party to join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) soon, says PPBM Supreme Council member Datuk A Kadir Jasin.
[sc name=”47comm”]As the trickle of Umno stalwarts joining PPBM seems now set to become a torrent, the mutterings among those of the social media set has started to rev up in volume. You must remember that we are no longer in that era where netizens prefer to sign of their mutterings as “anonymous”. Not any  more! Today every one can agree to disagree with one another without as much as an “excuse me” when it comes to issues of the political and national kind…though issues of race and religion are visited albeit gingerly lest the powers that now be feel inclined to invite you for a chat at Bukit Aman.
These days Malay politicians from Umno joining other Malays in PPBM is generating traction among Malaysians who are having a cakap cakap over either a RM$10 Nasi Lemak breakfast at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa in Kampong Baru or a RM$60 breakfast at the Sheng. Take your pick.
And what are they talking about?
As Malaysians are fond of doing, intrigues between Anwar and Mahathir, the need to counter the growing political clout of DAP, the need to make PPBM as strong as PKR and all the other usual suspects that swirls around any place where more that one Malaysian congregate….everything but the kitchen sink are all being somehow connected to this exodus of Umno members to PPBM. And all this is being discussed in solemn, serious and “this is the latest” tone by many of us.
Guys….please lah…don’t get too serious!
Let the experts like Kadir Jasin and Syed Bakar Ali provide us with their educated analysis of what they think is going to happen, how it is going to happen and where all these things are likely to happen. Read and understand what they say and let it all sink down into your own mind but take what they say with a grain of salt. Why? Because it has not happened yet! The 40 Umno members have not yet lompat into PPBM.
Here is my take on what is happening in K Hell.
I did not like that Tun Mahathir made PPBM only for Malays. I did not like it, but I understood why it was necessary to do so. It was necessary to do so because many Malays were not yet ready to join a political entity other than a Malay one. And in another testament of Mahathir’s ability to look beyond the GE 14 which at that time, he and us, had not yet won….Tun Mahthir knew that if victory came, he would have to have a political entity that any other Malays (specifically those from Umno) would be able to and want join should they want to leave Umno for any reason.
And so it has come to pass….we are told that 40 Umno significant members…will soon probably join PPBM. And with these 40 surely must come many more. All these 40 Umno members will not join DAP. Will not join PKR. May or may not join Amanah but certainly PPBM is the party of choice for them because Tun Mahathir is there.
When the exodus of Umno members away from Umno is a raging torrent and Umno is left just a shell of what it once was with its significant leaders incarcerated, in court on trial or in remand and all the other things that a judiciary process can impose upon all those guilty of using and abusing political power for personal gain is in full flight, then I see Umno will simply gulung tikar and fold.
Then I know that Mahathir and those in PPBM will start the real process of change within our political mindset. That of opening PPBM to all and sundry. That of making the Malays understand that they can join any political party and be assured that One Malaysia is alive and well. And most important of all, with Umno gone, there will no longer be any need for any Malaysian to think of race when they think of politics…and who do we have to thank for this….of course that old wily fox who had once insisted that PPBM is only for Malays.
So guys be cool or you are going to be a fool. Mahathir is going to do his thing for now…that is why he is King!