There is never a better time than now to be a Malay! I know because I am one! We Malays have done nothing wrong that others have not also done. We Malays are no better or no worse than the others. Nothing separates us from the others, but maybe, we are blessed with a little bit more grace, a little bit more of life’s respect and reverence for those things in life like family, our elders and God….but that separation is tempered with a respect for the rights and needs of others to do as they please with their own lives. So pray tell me my good friends why are the Malays today becoming the object of mistrust bordering on disgust by many Malaysians? And before you rush to tell me why, I must tell you to first look within yourself and cast not the first stone at us Malays until you are satisfied that you are without any of the blemish you seem so eager to tar and feather the Malays with. 

To say that I am sick and tired of the constant derivatives being hurled at us Malays is to put it mildly. You cannot be serious when you say that the Malays are lazy! That the Malays are the cause of most of the evils that now beset our nation! That the Malays are holding back political progress towards one Malaysia by their inability to accept others as their equals. That the Malays abhor meritocracy in all things Malaysians. And if only the Malays can look further than the bridge of their noses and understand that everyone else are their equals…then all of us, including the Malays, would by now be the better for it! 

Just for a moment….step back from being the “others” and ask yourself if you are indeed, like the Malays, a Malaysian? All of you must have heard that refrain from the Malays that tell all who listens, that this nation is their “tanah air”. Why are you perturbed? Why are you denying the Malays their right to say so? Why feel threatened that the Malays constantly refer to Malaysia in that manner?

I ask because should not all you non Malays also claim this blessed nation of ours as YOUR “tanah air? Because brothers and sisters, it is only when you do call this blessed nation of ours as YOUR “tanah air” too, will you be one with the Malays. Only then can you understand the love and reverence we Malays have for this nation. For surely this is indeed our “tanah air”….and we Malays do wonder if you can feel within your heart love, reverence and respect for this “tanah air” as we Malays do. 

Think of this my friend…think! Do not belittle the Malays when they say that this is their “tanah air”. All they are saying to you all is simply this…when you can feel, as we Malays do, love for this blessed nation, then you are one with me. And if you already know that Malaysia is your Tanah Air then I no longer have anything more to say but to tell you, we are all Malaysians. Selamat Pagi Malaysia! life is good.