‘Anwar family mortgaged their house’

“Anwar and Kak Wan ended up having to mortgage their house in Bukit Segambut to take out a RM4mil bank loan. It’s not even settled yet,” said Rafizi. click here to read more

Wan Aziah has also publicly declared that their house was pledged to finance GE14. Really Azizah….are you sure? What I know is that she got millions from corporations and Chinese towkays. Wan Azizah and Anwar Ibrahim did not mortgaged Istana Segambut to raise funds for the general election. Amount does not matter. She lied…yes that matters! 

Money has been pouring into their coffers from many avenues and there is no need to pawn their jewellery, sell their cars or mortgage Istana Segambut to raise money. The three of them have got money pouring out of every orifice of themselves. The document below tells us that there is no caveat on the house to indicate that the house was pledge for the purpose of borrowing money from a bank or any lending institution.


So why did Wan Azizah, our Deputy Prime Minister, and ex President of PKR, lie? 

And while we are talking about lying…our prime minister in waiting too has been lying when he tells PKR leaders to be impartial during the party elections. Mat, Ah Chong and Chelliah, all friends of mine in K Hell has been telling me that this Anwar must think them stupid to keep insisting that he is not supporting anybody. They know that the whole damm bunch from Istana Segambut wants Azmin out and Rafizi in. So really Anwar, stop the lies. 

One last note in case Istana Segambut comes up with another story. Of course all that I have written above and all the hard work that Mr S did in K Hell to assist me with this matter would have been for naught if Anwar and Azizah went to the alongs to raise those funds. No paper work needed and no caveat on the house title. I have to agree lah if you say that document is just a smoking gun. All it shows  is that there is no caveat on Istana Segambut. They might have other houses to mortgage. It does not prove that Wan Azizah is lying….and sometimes but only sometimes….even smoking guns leads you to nowhere. Maybe so but let us wait for the DPM and ex President of PKR and the PM in waiting and the present President of PKR, to come up with some explanation in this matter.

So I think that about covers it from all angles…does it not?