I went to sleep at past 5 am last night. I did not go to sleep because I was tired. I have had a long long day taking care of my wife, my life and my work here. And it has all been good. My wife is well. Alert and with me in everything that we do together. She looks towards me when I am doing things. She looks at me when I am sitting beside her. I know that today….she is well. Taking care of my life is relatively easy. No wants….and I have all that I need. What more can anyone want? My work here on steadyaku47 is as I want it. I can write. I have things I want to say. I have friends out there who will help me to do all this. So at past 5 am last night I was not sleepy…but I told myself I need to sleep if I am to wake up tomorrow ready for today. 

It is already Saturday now. Have a good weekend….what is left of it!