In the two months of September and October, after a hiatus post GE14, steadyaku47 is now back to what it was pre GE14 : a site driven by my belief that with words you can work towards making a difference to how things are in the world out there. It is a work in progress that is indeed a steep learning curve for all of us as we adjust to the reality of a government under Pakatan Harapan led by a 93 year old Tun Dr Mahathir. The emphasis on the 93 is deliberate so as to instill a sense of urgency in the things that we need to learn and do to grasp an understanding of the direction towards which our nation is now heading to. Our participation…the Rakyat’s participation… the process of nation building is no longer a question for the politicians to ponder what more to decide. It is our right, our place and our duty to do so. The Rakyat, not cash is KING.

I want to be part of this process. So should all of you. We each will have our way to do so. My way is through steadyaku47. 

In these last two months I have done much work to try and make your visit to steadyaku47 a pleasant and informative one. And the only way I know how to do that is to write good copy and present it to you guys with clarity through a “friendly” website. This website, as some of you who read what I write know, has gone through many changes these last two months in an effort by me to deliver just that : good copy and a friendly website that is easy to navigate. It is still a work in progress but I think we are getting there.

All this is done with my time and my money. Time I have, money I do not. I would like to continue writing good copy and present it through this website. To continue to do so, I would have to seek your assist financially. Please click the donate button on this website and help us out with whatever amount you can. Two ways of doing so. Paypal or direct deposit to a bank in Malaysia. The details are all there. Do click the donate button.

It is now 4.56 am. Melbourne time. I must to sleep. Please help. 


Sunday 3 November : 

Q : The Maybank a/c is in the name of Malcolm Yeng?
A : Hussein : Good morning JLY…yes it is. He is my admin guy/friend/partner and whatever else he needs to be – and together we keep steadyaku47 going. I write…he does everything else.