Julau…stories from the front. 12,000 members in one day !!!

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Look who is escorting our DPM in Julau!!! LARRY SNG!

Azizah cuba pakai otak sikit.That guy is being investigated by MACC for getting 12000 phantom voters for PKR in one day! You are the Deputy Prime Minister…jaga standard sikit lah. Kalau nak tolong Rafizi pon try to be a bit more discrete.

God help us if Istana Segambut ever move to Seri Perdana. Mampus kita!

The increase of Julau PKR membership by over 12,000 within a single day is raising more questions. After all Julau is largely a rural area, not well-connected by internet and roads. There are claims that many long time members were re-registered for a second time on that single day. An ADUN within the Julau parliamentary constituency, from a local Sarawak party which forms the Sarawak Government was found to have been registered as a PKR member, too, without him having instructed anyone to do so….

The Adun is YB Rolland Duat Jubin. He has denied applying to be a PKR member. I don’t have a reason not to believe him on this.


MACC probes Larry Sng over alleged ‘thousands’ of PKR phantom …

https://www.thestar.com.my/…/macc-probes-larry-sng-over-alleged-thousands-of-pkr-.. 3 days ago – PETALING JAYA: A PKR MP is being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission over allegations of thousands of phantom members in one party division alone. Julau MPLarry Sng (pic) said he was contacted by MACC by phone when they raided his office in Julau, Sarawak.



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