Larry Sng, Anwar, Taib and Ragad.

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Is Azizah, Larry Sng and Rafizi Ramli the axis of evil that will work together against Azmin Ali in Julau!   

Larry Sng has friends in high places and yet in the times that we now live in, MACC does it’s work without any concern for whom they may upset. Today we know that the deputy Prime Minister, Wan Azizah, is in Julau. Larry Sng is the Member of Parliament for Julai. Rafizi’s political fate in his fight to take from Azmin the Deputy President post in PKR, also lies in Julai. 

Why would our Deputy Prime Minister be in Julau? Surely being seen in the company of an MP being investigated by MACC is not very smart? Or maybe Wan Azizah is willing to risk it all because her support for Rafizii Ramli transcend common sense, good judgement and propriety. Is Wan Azizah prepared to put her position as Deputy Prime Minister on the line to help Rafizi win in Julau…and is Wan Azizah complicit with Larry Sng in the emergence of the the thousands of phantom voters in Julau as a last desperate effort to ensure a tainted victory for Rafizi Ramli? 

And of course, what is the manifesto prime minister designate, Anwar Ibrahim’s role in all this? 

Saya tanya aja!




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