Aku dah cakap dulu….Mr Sultan down South must be taught a lesson. This descendent of murderers, thieves and bullies have too long run amok not only over Bangsa Johor but also any others they deem to have upset them. And you guys, and me, are still questioning the wisdom of our “manifesto prime minister to be” for having made Mr Sultan his first port of call after he was released from Bamboo River.

Konon di titah oleh Baginda, jadi dia tak boleh elak takut baginda murka. Konon baginda dah hantar private jet baginda jadi dia tak boleh say “NO”. What lah Anwar…have you heard of Tun Mahathir pergi cium tangan ANY of the Sultan? Have you seen Tun Mahathir naik jet peribadi ANY Sultan?

Anyway let us get back to this Mr Sultan down South.

It is now 6.54am  and the first thing I came across in my FB page is the above video and Wan Nor’s comment “Go Ayahanda Tun M. We love u!!!” and I knew I just have to say something about it, So here goes! Tun Dr Mahathir tells us, again, that these sultans are “constitutional rulers”….long story short…what that means is simply this…you f**k around with me, I will come down so hard on you that you will wish that you had not been born”. These royal yobos lives in hubris and in complete denial of the realities that surrounds them. Bangsa Johor kononnya! “Beta” this and “beta” that instead of “saya”….and that favourite of this Mr Sultan and that Brigadier son of his…. “Negri Beta, kerajaan Beta!”. Sheesh…malu aku dengar this Mr Sultan talking like we are still in zaman purbakala!

Mr Sultan listen to what Tun Mahathir has to say, because if you don’t, Malaysia will not big enough to have the likes of you and Tun Dr Mahathir trying to put each other in their place without one of you losing out….and the one losing out will not be Tun Dr Mahathir because he has us backing him up! You know what happened kan the last time there was a showdown between the Sultans and Tun Dr Mahathir! You guys lost out.

Okay lah I know that was in 1993…over twenty five years ago, but you must have enough grey matter to remember and understand that in that encounter between Tun and the Sultans, you guys lost out big time! I prefer to remember it as the time when we the Rakyat, through Tun Dr Mahathir’s government, was able to make you guys understand that you Sultans tunduk to us and not the other way around! And that was why many of us was upset when this manifesto prime minister to be, Anwar Ibrahim, went scurrying down to Johor when you “titah” him to do so. And with family in tow, we see him bending down low and kissing your hand and by so doing, signal his intent to put you guys back on a pedestal! Anwar can do that if he wants. We the rakyats and Tun Dr Mahathir, have got other ideas.

We have had enough of Sultans like you, living in cuckoo land, demanding that people call you “Your Majesty”…your majesty kepala bapak engkau!

Every time I see you in that uniform of yours, I am reminded of Mr Kipidap in his uniform!

Have you not heard of the tale “The Emperor with no Clothes?”….about the Emperor who paraded naked down the street because nobody dared to tell him that he had no clothes on? Well Mr Sultan Tun Dr Mahathir has just told you to “hush and be like a tree”…that means just shut the fuck up before we put you in your place. I am with Tun Dr Mahathir. Many many millions of Bangsa Malaysia is with Tun Dr Maharthir. And if you care to look around you and listen to what is being talked about in Johor, Bangsa Johor too is with Tun Dr Mahathir……and what all of us are telling you is simply this : Stop making a fool of yourself. If you think you have enough “fuck you money” to be able to tell us all that you do not care what happens if lose your gaji as Mr Sultan…then I think you need to be reminded that if you continue to think of yourself as Mr Majesty, you will lose more than your gaji!

Enough said!