Now teguran from PKR Central Committee member about Azizah doing a “Najib” in Julau!

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Press Release:

Wan Azizah’s official visit to Julau on eve of Sarawak PKR elections is inappropriate & highly questionable

I refer to the official visit by DPM Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to Julau in Sarawak yesterday.

This visit is inappropriate and highly questionable. This is in view of the fact that the PKR party elections for Sarawak is scheduled for this Saturday.

The Julau PKR elections has been extremely controversial. The MACC is investigating the sudden increase to 13,000 of its membership. In connection to this, the Julau MP Larry Sng is also currently being investigated by the MACC.

Wan Azizah has been widely seen and pictured during this visit with the said MP Larry Sng, who has openly declared that he is in Rafizi Ramli’s party faction.

There is no conceivable reason why Wan Azizah’s visit must be carried out on the very eve of the PKR party elections in Sarawak. Why could the DPM not visit after the party elections?

It must be remembered that Julau division has 13,000 members which is among the largest membership in Sarawak PKR. Thus, this division can become ‘kingmaker’ in the PKR party elections.

Wan Azizah’s visit to Julau involves use of her official position and government assets. She even announced RM 100,000 allocation for a road in Julau. This was announced in the presence of the said Larry Sng who is himself a candidate in the Julau division and for the party central committee.

In these circumstances, it is imperative that the DPM explain the reasons and circumstances of her visit to Julau on the eve of Sarawak PKR elections; the public is entitled to know.

Issued by,
Latheefa Koya
( PKR Central Committee member )

7 November 2018



steadyaku47 comment : Aku dah kata yesterday…“Why would our Deputy Prime Minister be in Julau? Surely being seen in the company of an MP being investigated by MACC is not very smart? Or maybe Wan Azizah is willing to risk it all because her support for Rafizii Ramli transcend common sense, good judgement and propriety. Is Wan Azizah prepared to put her position as Deputy Prime Minister on the line to help Rafizi win in Julau…and is Wan Azizah complicit with Larry Sng in the emergence of the the thousands of phantom voters in Julau as a last desperate effort to ensure a tainted victory for Rafizi Ramli?” 

Kat sini, the locals have a few words to describe what Azizah did…”She f**ked herself”….or to be more polite…she shot herself in the foot…her foot.


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