Today I did well. I was in selayang hospital and some thing happened.

There was an Indian lady in the psychiatric department. Her age is roughly late 60s. She was at the reception saying that she wanted to take her medicine. The Malay nurse told her that she first have to register before medicine can be given.

Things became rowdy. I intervened and after a few discussion with the nurse I understood the problem. I took the old lady’s hand and gently lead her to the place to register. I cut short the que. Saying that this is an emergency. After registration. I took the hands of the old Indian lady and took her to a chair and settled everything for her. She cried and hug me. I asked her whether she had any money to go home. She said she have.

That’s Dr oh teik hai at his best. I have done well. No?


Yes Sir you have done well. Tabek Hormat!