steadyaku47 comment : 

Nak tanya sikit….

  1. File missing from CID record department.
  2. USD million disbursed : Siapa  dapat?
  3. Lawyer Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah.
  4. IGP Tan Sri Khalid.
  5. Minister : Dato Zahid Hamidi. 

Enough said for now.  


Crown flew suspected triad member Wei Seng ‘Paul’ Phua to Melbourne for poker tournament

One of the world’s biggest bookmakers, a suspected high-ranking member of the feared 14K triad gang, was reportedly flown to Melbourne’s Crown Casino for a recent poker tournament.

Wei Seng “Paul” Phua, a 52-year-old Malaysian, beat serious illegal gambling charges in the US last year, but remains in the crosshairs of authorities around the world.

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