As forwarded to me this morning!

BRUNEI : Everyone now thinks they have the right to be corrupted. Magistrate Ramzidah Pehin Rahman and husband Senior Magistrate Nabil Pehin Badaruddin got suspended from their posts since December last year after complaints and audit. Both were stopped at the airport while trying to leave the country for UK. The authorities are still trying to dig deeper into a crooked and carefully planned scheme that Ramzidah pulled off during her tenure as an Official Receiver with the Bankruptcy Office in the High Court. Monies being paid by debtors are allegedly being siphoned off to different accounts linked to her and her family. Apparently it is to the tune of tens of millions to fund their lavish lifestyle. Those cars were impounded by the Police as they inch closer to conclude the investigation and prepare to charge them. Nabil – anak pehin badaruddin – yes the religious affairs minister…👇👇