Mullai Govin : Saya Bangsa Malaysia.

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Let’s not get too carried away about being tamizhan or whatever.

I was born here.

I serve this nation.

I have been serving this nation for 34 yrs now

and when I retire, I would have served for 40 years

and that is 2/3’s of my life,

and I care a f***who came here first, second or whatever.

I am more Malaysian than those who claim ownership to this land but are selling it to enrich themselves.

I am more Malaysian than those self engrossed liars and looters.

I am more Malaysian than those who witnessed but failed to protect the nation from plunder and rape.

I am more Malaysian than those who calculate their contribution to the nation and demand to be rewarded accordingly.

I am definitely more Malaysian than those panelists and organisers of the UKM forum entitled Polemik kehadiran masyarakat India di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu: Migrasi atau Imigran?

(The polemic of Indians arriving in the Malay peninsula: Migration or Immigrants?).

They call this an intellectual discourse

….but I call it The Preservation of Racist Thoughts and Malay Supremacy.

Mullai Govin


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