Is Azizah fighting a rearguard action (ahem!!) to deflect from Anwar what is sure to come before/during/or after this manifesto prime minister is about to take office/is taking office/or after he takes office? Delete which ever of those phrases you think are not applicable. Sodomy Three is on standy-by…all ready to take its place in infamy beside Sodomy One and Two. And where it will come from, this brader of ours, simply has no clue. How can he when his path is littered with so many possibilities. He will make Trump look like an amateur if the powers that be in Malaysia today, opens the floodgates and allow those who want to have their say on the brader, free rein to do so. So take your number and wait your turn. 

Those of us who knows what this brader does behind Azizah’s back to other people’s backside have watched his antics since he left Bamboo River with much patience and a hope, however forlorn, that maybe, this time around, he will do things right. Perish that thought! With the decorum of a bull loose in a china shop, this guy has gone about doing what he has been doing from his Umno days, albeit this time around reminding all and sundry that he is the Man Who Would be King aka Manifesto Prime Minister! For the gullible, and you can count many a millionaire towkay in that category…for the gullible…as they say, a fool is easily parted from their money! Some Towkays, hoping to recoup after their disastrous “investment” in the Bugis Warrior during GE14, are investing big in our brader! Istana Segambut war chest is overflowing. And like Najib, it helps to have a spouse that is keen to collect having made it known that times are so hard for them that they have had to mortgage their Istana in Segambut to raise cash for the last election. NOT!

In all these endeavours, for God knows what reasons, Istana Segambut has got a guest artist – RR. That same RR that is not a Rolls Royce (but thinks he is) but is actually one who has been blinded by the possibilities that Istana Segambut had dangled in front of his novice eyes. Help the Royals at Istana Segambut rid themselves of the annoying AA… and RR will be number two to our brader. He is reminded by them that being number two of the biggest component in the Pakatan Harapan government, puts RR in the driving seat to be number one in PKR and eventually (so they managed to convince him) be number one in Putrajaya. And so they snared RR hook, line and sinker! And no greater an idiot Has fallen from the high of being one of those in the running to be number one in PKR and the Nation, to being one now labelled as being the errand boy of our brader.

Some of you may think me uncouth to hit our brader where it hurts him most…his balls. All I can say is just this….fly with the Eagles and you will soar to the high heavens. If, by your dastardly deeds and  intent, you insists that your place is amongst those who roam the dark and dank cellars where rats infest themselves …then brader, you deserve to be treated as one!