Above is the team backed by Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah that designed and conspired to manipulate the E Voting system to oust Azmin Ali and those not align with INVOKE. Also included, but not in the picture, is YB Johari.  Leaders of the team are Rafizi Ramli, Saif, Jo Abdul and Rashid (hand picked by Anwar and Wan Aizah to head JPP). Among the second liners are Saiful and Zamri. 


steadyaku47 comment : 

If you think Najib and gang are thieves. If you despair in the manner the AG, the IGP and various other governmental operatives and machineries were used and abused to serve the political purpose and personal greed of BN politicians, their families and machais. If you are astounded in the way political power and money was used to prop these criminals in political office. And if, like me, you cannot comprehend the greed that so many Malay politicians seems to have for all things material….then listen up to what I have to say here. But first I want you guys to remember that these BN politicians went to town and took billions from our coffers and abuse political power AFTER they came into office.

What names do you call people who do all this BEFORE they are in political clover? What name do you call people who scheme and plot and use money and what political clout they already have to get more political power …to do what? Make our nation great again? NOT. Make the aspiration of our people for a clean, responsible and accountable government a reality? NOT. Make Malaysians heal and become ONE MALAYSIAN again after many many years of racial and religious conflict? NOT.

I cannot think of any name that can described all that, but “Istana Segambut” comes close.  By their conduct and deeds, we now know that what those in “Istana Seganbut” has done, is doing and intends to do is far , fat from being responsible, open and accountable for the things that they do while waiting for the manifesto prime minister to take office.  

You guys have seen for yourself what Anwar has done since he left prison. I, for one, has written much about these things and we all have shared our thoughts and views through social media as to what we think of it all. If you ask me to say in a sentence what I think of it all…I tell you that I do not need a sentence to say it all. One word is enough : DISGUST !!! Disgust that many many years in prison has not taught Anwar that his ways in UMNO is no longer acceptable to Malaysians. Disgust that a whole family, HIS, has made politics a family business not to serve Malaysia and Malaysians, but to serve themselves and the machais that serves them. Disgust that a Pakatan Harapan that knows all this, has rubber stamp Anwar as the manifesto prime minister. 


Much has been made of the collective decision by PKR (read Anwar Ibrahim) to go digital in PKR’s party election this year.  E Voting. The choice of system, procedure and the election of a special party election committee or JPP was agreed to, so they tell us, by the top party leadership through the party’s political bureau (read Anwar Ibrahim!). Many things can be said of  PKR election process…but allow me to tell you what it really is :  

First, in GE 14, Anwar Ibrahim succeeded in having most of his choices in naming candidates during GE14.

This party election was suppose to be the last sweep of what still remains in the way of Istana Segambut taking total control of PKR by having their team in all the post that matters in PKR. Pivotal to this dastardly plot is Istana Segambut choice for its deputy president : Rafizi Ramli. The election process, membership registration, the voting system were carefully planned to ensure a wipeout of Azmin Ali and those aligned or seen to be closed to him. The above team, backed by Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Aziziah, design and conspire to manipulate the election system to oust Azmin Ali and those not aligned with Invoke and Istana Segambut. 

The electronic voting application and system architecture adopted for this PKR election has numerous areas of vulnerabilities owing to the nature of technologies,  telecommunications and WEAK design, implementation and deployment strategies. Long story short e-voting system developed for the use during this PKR elevetion CANNOT yet be depended upon to deliver securely and reliably with current technology. There are numerous serious flaws in the security and reliability of this particular app and system, that outweighs the potential benefit because you cannot trust the results.

But, you may ask, we use on line banking all the time. Why not E Voting?

If there is a mistake in online banking after you have checked your statement, the money can be refunded.

You cannot “refund” a vote!

When you allow the vote by a person to be transmitted over the internet it allows that vote to be “influenced” or bought. A security issue is data collection, analysis and storage in any IT system which is not fully transparent, without an acceptable usability track record and without certification by a recognised independent entity. Apart from malware and related threats, E voting systems need to be secured against vote manipulations as no signatures are used and there is the risk that the e voter is not actually the person he or she claims to be. It is easy to defraud the system and steal votes! Hence the legitimacy of the ballot is questionable.

Now who in PKR would want to steal votes and defraud the e voting system? Tell me who?

Maybe those who want Rafizi Ramli to win at all costs? Maybe those tasked with setting up the e voting system who also are in Team Rafizi? Maybe those in Istana Segambut who insists on their neutrality in this PKR party election and expect us stupid Rakyats to believe their hand on their hearts declarations of neutrality. NOT. Maybe the earth is flat. Maybe Anwar Ibrahim is not guilty of Sodomy One and Sodomy Two. Maybe the King is telling the truth when he tells Anwar that he believes all along that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent of all charges of Sodomy. Maybe Wan Azizah did mortgage the house to raise money for the Elections.

Huh! You believe what you want…me? I know that Anwar is guilty of Sodomy One and Two. I know the reasons why Anwar met with those Sultans. I know that Anwar and Azizah did NOT stay neutral in ANY PKR party elections….and by GOD I know that the E Voting system that was used in this PKR party election was used and abused in order to ensure that Azmin Ali did NOT become PKR’s deputy president. Whether what Istana Segambut wants becomes a reality is up in the air….but this much I know….we cannot allow these idiots to govern in Putrajaya…so help me GOD!